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  1. salec


    Actually interested in the part numbers as well as where they can be easily sourced. Thanks
  2. salec


    Anyone point me in the right direction for window seals ... Both exterior to the glass and interior ... is there a parts list here anywhere. Thanks
  3. Thanks, this was very helpful. The battery eventually would not hold a charge. Replaced and fixed the problem ... though I think this article probably goes a long way to explain the initial problem.
  4. Thanks to everyone that replied. The battery was shot. The three hour turning off and on in the very slow traffic queue at the tunnel helped to bury it ... and the same thing around the town in Laon laid it to rest. I have since upgraded to a new battery with a much beefier ah capacity. Now turns over like a goodan ... In fact it has never started so well.
  5. I cannot find the correct specification battery listing anywhere for my TR4A. The one installed currently is obviously not man enough to turn the engine over when hot as the fan sucks out too much power. Anyone help?
  6. Hi folks .... My TR4A is currently running Michelin 165 HR 15 XAS tyres on wire wheels ... has done since I bought it. But they are beginning to show age but not wear -- beginning to perish -- so need to replace them. Can anyone recommend any other boots as I know the Michelins are difficlt to find and a bit too expensive for my budget at the moment. Would appreciate some other recommendations. Thanks in advance Steve
  7. salec


    Thanks guys ... solved the issue.
  8. Is there a list somewhere of Triumph TR colours and the years they were produced? Interested as a conversation came up today about this.
  9. salec

    Chrome trim ?

    On the top of the rear panel just where the door closes on the passenger side there is a chrome trim about three inches long. The same small piece of chrome trim is missing on the drivers side ... not sure what this is called. Anybody know? I would like to get one to match. Please see attached picture.
  10. salec


    Thanks ... appreciated.
  11. salec


    Not a very "technical" question in the light of all things that get posted here ... but what type of light bulb fits into the side lights of my TR4A ... and do the light fittings just pull off so that I can replace the bulb? Not had to replace one before. Thanks
  12. Sorry ... missed this before. You should try SADCASE (Storrington and District Classic and Sportscar Enthusiasts). They meet twice monthly, the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. The fourth Tuesday is at the Spur at Slindon (just off the A27) at the Arundel roundabout. Many members live and work around the Worthing area, there are also many TR Register members that are also SADCASE members.
  13. Thanks Bob. I have ordered a replacement choke cable from RevingtonTR which should arrive either tomorrow or just after the Easter weekend. I think the cable might have been replaced with a short one in times past ... not sure whether there is a ferrule. Will wait until I get the new cable and follow your instructions.
  14. The choke cable terminates at the carburettor end onto a catch on the front Stromberg (or should I believe) however, the cable on my TR is very stiff to operate and doesn't seem to have a catch so just fits on to the lever attached to the starter bar which of course inhibits the movement of the choke itself. Is there such a part and if so, can I get one from anywhere. I have been told "replace with SUs, but that is too expensive for me at the moment, and anyway, would much rather keep the car original if I can.
  15. I had this happen ... bonnet bounced open when going over a slight bump. Found that the spring was worn, though this was noticeable at first, replaced the spring and the problem went away.
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