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  1. All I can say is do not rely that the superseeded part number is correct which is what I did when you rebuild an engine there are so many parts that are changed from mechanical, electrical, fuel etc the springs were shorter and weaker just relied on being supplied with the correct part and let's face it the engine is fairly basic .I have to admit that I received the parts confiding they were correct for this engine.WRONG.I did not check that the spring pressure was correct. however I do not fully understand-even now-why the compression test was good on all cylinders yet running the valves were
  2. Ralph My thoughts exactly ,especially as the compression figures were very good and balanced ,that is what was throwing me towards fuel problem but hey ho got there in the end .just never experienced this fault before.
  3. Well Thankyou everybody for the help and advice offered. IT IS FINALLY FIXED. I had rebuilt the engine, new just about everything.As the Triple valve spring set was not available I fitted the supplied double set with corresponding top collet retainers. As I was getting very good (155psi)compression readings it threw me off course.Finally I did a vacuum test(probably should have done one much sooner) the gauge was bouncing from 10 to 17 hg showing weak valve springs. so I checked them and found them to be quite weak. swapped them for a set of original valve springs which are much stronger AND
  4. Just checked and it is a 304164 manifold which goes to a single exhaust pipe held together with 3 studs, not like tr4a manifold. Although I have double (and more) checked the float levels at 11/16 inch ,17mm it still seems that fuel is not getting pulled from the float chamber at idle whereas on a quick blip opening of the butterflies does pull fuel in as it does fire then (as seen with color tune) but stops once the initial change in pressure across the jet normalises-any ideas on this idea? These are the early CD175's that the choke operates a flap that lifts the piston as always than
  5. Sorry I should have said that the diaphragms have been renewed and double checked ,I will check the exhaust down pipe gasket,I thought we were talking about the gasket between manifold to head thanks will get back with results
  6. Sorry for the delay but been away for a while. Still got the problem. what is baffling me is that looking with the colortune I can see that it is sparking but no explosion ,I have 155psi compression,I can see that there is a spark so would think fuel problem? well the plug comes out sooty black which seems to indicate that there is fuel getting there. If the ignition timing or cam timing were out then surely it would affect all 4 cylinders and why would it fire on all 4 on brusk opening of throttle? thanks for suggestions and patience mike
  7. compression are 155psi each cylinder, I haveremoved the manifold(yet again) the manifold seating on the gasket looks uniform and there was no change in engine when testing with brake cleaner before removing.I have tested each cylinder at the inlet port with flow meter and all read the same approx 14 kg/h
  8. I have checked the valve clearances again and checked that they open by the same amount.What I have done is check it with a colortune I can see that 1 and 3 are sparking at tickover but no explosion,rev it and you can see the mixture ignite. also I put new plugs in and after just running it up to temperature took the plug out and it was black.engine starts first time?? getting more baffled as time goes on!
  9. I am still having problems,the plug leads are copper ,changed twice from different sources,swapped plugs around and still not firing on 1 and 3,new dizzy cap new rotor arm.Double checked(or triple) cam timing.Just seems very strange that it is not firing on the front inlet of each carb?almost that at idle it is not fuelling 1& 3.Above 1500/2000 revs as I say the engine evens out but as it comes below 1500 revs it is very noticeable that it goes onto 2 . I have checked that the balance pipe between carbs is not blocked going to do a vacuum test and maybe pull carbs to see if they were rebui
  10. Hi Again,thanks for the replies and the time that is involved Double checked the firing order,1342-swapped plugs,no change.No sign of tracking in new cap.checked tdc marker-correct double checked for leaks on manifold still not firing on tickover the 2 cylinders seem to come in at higher revs. Surely if cam timing was out it would affect all 4 cylinders? the tappets are rocking when at tdc.Monday I am going to check the valves are opening by same amount but on rebuild the cam looked fine
  11. Hi again Thanks for the replies,I have checked for air leak around manifold no change spraying brake cleaner,before having the manifold skimmed there was a change. I have tried other plugs and even swapped the existing plugs around, nownot firing on 1 and 3.did fire on 3 after putting another distributor in -felt chuffed that progress made-alas next day back to not firing on 1 and 3. put the plug tester on 1 and 3 and sparking well and plugs are not wet. ???
  12. HI everyone, I have just rebuilt a TR4 engine and have a misfire on No 1 cylinder .compression checked at 140/50psi double checked tappet clearance.Slight bow in inlet manifold corrected by machine shop after doing spray test .Plug sparking and new .Changed actual distributor with new points and condenser and rotor,Changed cap leads and caps after 50 years of experience never come across this. It has twin zenith cd175 strombergs.Timing checked half a dozen times .Blanked off servo take off no change.Also this has changed from misfire on 3 to misfire on 1 Any help /ideas will b e much ap
  13. Hi ,it was actually 4 out of the six injectors but no sign of any rubber just gummed up with old fuel
  14. Hi again---problem solved. I removed the injectors and put them on a cleaning rig I have made (basically a plastic deposit to a bosch pump and filter through an adjustable letby valve to a return pipe tee'd into feed pipe with pressure gauge) anyway fitted the injectors one by one and 4 out of the 6 had leak by and more like jets of fuel rather than a nice cone. After flushing them through I managed to get them clean and a good conical spray.Refitted them and after bleeding the injectors it ran quite well.After changing the blue springs to silver or plain springs it roared !went for a te
  15. HI Peter, I'm afraid it is unknown,however the metering unit does look prestine as if it is a recon unit, when I removed the adaptor for No 6 outlet the o ring was supple and no signs of age ,and all the connections are sqeaky clean.All I know is that the engine was reconditioned last year and has been hardly driven since.
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