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  1. Thanks looks like it's a strip down again
  2. Thanks keith I'll check that out
  3. With the insulator off
  4. Hi Roger, have checked the upper and lower bushes and they look solid but as you see from the photo that it looks off centre will now check the slip ring insulator to make sure that its correct. Cheers lan
  5. Just wondering if anyone has come across my problem of the upper inner steering column being off centre,this seems to be causing the horn to sound intermittently when l lock the wheel, any thoughts anyone cheers lan
  6. Thanks guys I'll give them a try cheers lan
  7. Can anybody recommend where l can purchase a set of rhd sun visors and fittings to complete my refit Regards lan
  8. Thanks Roger it's a soft top and it's fitting well to the screen Cheers lan
  9. Thanks guys l think I'll give the Sikaflex a go sounds the best root for me with my limited skills Cheers Ian
  10. Hi Roger Glass and regulators etc. Were purchased from Moss so l believe they are correct. Screen is as far forward as it will go. I'll have a play with the pivots before l attempt the regulator arms Many thanks lan
  11. I have fitted New winder regulators,glass channels and glass as you will see from the photos l have a problem can anyone offer advice on adjustment in order to correct the window glass angle ? Cheers lan
  12. Thanks Rodger that is most helpful Cheers lan
  13. Can anyone possibly post a photo of the exact position to mount the commission plate on my 1966 tr4a RHD Many thanks
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