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  1. Hi Mark. If my memory serves me right it was a solid bar type. Dex
  2. Hi Mark I broke down on the M62 a couple of years ago. I called the RAC and they turned up within 20 minutes. The guy removed the front spoiler towed me to a service station, fixed the problem, refitted the spoiler and sent me on my way. Excellent service on all accounts.
  3. Dex

    Brake Disc Problem

    Thanks Waldi I'll do this when I'm following John M's instructions Dex
  4. Dex

    Brake Disc Problem

    Hi John. To be honest I haven't bedded the pads in as per manufacturers instructions but it seems as if this is something I must try, so as soon as the weather improves (not enough room in garage) I try everything you suggest ..Thanks Dex
  5. Dex

    Brake Disc Problem

    Good Spot John I'll check that out Dex
  6. Dex

    Brake Disc Problem

    Hi Steve I did have EBC Green Stuff in initially but I've heard they need to get warm before giving maximum braking and with the braking only being on the outside edge I didn't want to drive in such a manner to get them heated up Dex
  7. Dex

    Brake Disc Problem

    Hi Jochem The pads are standard pads from Moss they were in a box marked Classic Gold and I bought the discs some time ago at one of the internationals but I can't remember the make although they were from a reputable supplier. I took the pads out but it was very difficult to detect any wear at this stage so I think I'll do a few more miles and as suggested by Mike C try some heavier braking.
  8. Dex

    Brake Disc Problem

    Hi Nigel Yes I've driven 30miles so far and also checked the hub bearings so will probably give them a few more miles of careful stopping so as not to have any embarrassing moments as Neil suggested. Dex
  9. Dex

    Brake Disc Problem

    Hello. I have just recently finished a complete restoration of my 1973 TR6 where pretty much everything has been refurbished or renewed. The problem I have is that the pads only seem to be acting on the outside edge of the disc. They are new pads operated by new callipers on new discs. I know from the manuals that the callipers should have shims fitted on an "as required" basis to centralise the calliper about the disc but since it seems central anyway there are no shims fitted. I'm wondering if this is the problem. This is occurring on both sides. Hopefully the photos show what is happening. Has anyone had this problem or can anyone suggest how to remedy it. As always any help or advice is much appreciated. Regards Dex
  10. Dex

    Advice on MX5 Seats

    Sorry Hamish, what is BST?
  11. Dex

    Advice on MX5 Seats

    Thanks Richard good idea I'll check it out Dex
  12. Dex

    Advice on MX5 Seats

    Thanks Stuart, I've checked them out, not cheap and also they seem to be on an exchange only basis, as I only have my old Triumph seats I fear its a no go, but thanks anyway. Dex
  13. Dex

    Advice on MX5 Seats

    Thanks Kevin, I'll give him a ring. Dex
  14. Dex

    Advice on MX5 Seats

    Thanks to everyone who replied all I need to do now is find a pair in good condition, not bothered about speakers or heated. Paul Bishop comes as highly recommended but the trouble there is he's pick-up only and he's way down the other end of the country from me so will see if I can locate a pair nearer to home. Thanks again Regards Dex
  15. Hi All. After all the positive reviews on here on MX5 seats I'm going to try and purchase a pair for my latest restoration but the thing is there seems to be a few different models of seat so which is the best model to go for? Regards Dex
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