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"In Search of the Swallow" Concise Swallow Doretti History !!!!

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I have been at this Doretti game since the 80's. Having been involved in starting Triumph Register of America and providing support for the side screen cars since the early 70s I was distraught at the confusion on Doretti origins when I found my first one. I am happy these days, having been able to put a concise history on the cars beginnings together over the years. Thomas Mia has started a Facebook page in the past year . His cut and past early format captured my original Facebook page (Never active per say) and didn't set well with me.  Ken asked to combine our efforts some time back but 40 years of research here is not a project I want to tackle at this time. I have activated a new Facebook page that I share with you here the intent is to just supply some rare bits of history I have uncovered.  As for Mia it would be nice for him to divulge his initial interest in starting his page and justify his cut and paste practice coping my and Ken's information. 

Tom Householder "In Search of the Swallow"


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          Thanks for uploading that Tom, plenty of reading there and information to clear up any inconsistencies in the Swallow story. If your archive could be combined with Ken Yankey's perhaps there is scope for a definitive history of the Swallow Doretti.

          Cheers Richard

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I am very sorry if I got too close to someone with my Doretti Facebook group.

My intention was just to show these rare vehicles to a larger group of people.

Most of my posts have included the source of the information. If I should ever forget it, please let me know; then I will gladly add to it.


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In the world of technical and scientific writing, Thomas, it's best practice to acknowledge an intellectual debt to those who have gone before.  The interwebs tend to be a wild and crazy place where all kinds of things are taken and used without attribution.  The Doretti world is too small for that, frankly.  You'll be better off giving credit where it's due.

(BTW -- I was there when Tom started down the Doretti rabbit hole almost forty years ago -- he worked in a lab one floor above mine at the research institute where I started my career and he matchmade the acquisition of my TR3B in 1981!)

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