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  1. I have been at this Doretti game since the 80's. Having been involved in starting Triumph Register of America and providing support for the side screen cars since the early 70s I was distraught at the confusion on Doretti origins when I found my first one. I am happy these days, having been able to put a concise history on the cars beginnings together over the years. Thomas Mia has started a Facebook page in the past year . His cut and past early format captured my original Facebook page (Never active per say) and didn't set well with me. Ken asked to combine our efforts some time back but 40
  2. The Persplex side screens were an option sort of thing . can be seen in early british magazine reports. I have castings for the perplex mounts and pattern for the perplex. Tom
  3. This is the prototype sent to Dorothy in September of 1953
  4. I own 1293 I found it in Connecticut where it resided fo quite a long time. I initially was sent pics of it in a vacant lot and tried to find an owner. It was picked up by another Doretti owner who just by chance drive by it. It is not in very good shape but the body panels are sound and straight Tom
  5. For sale at another site for 44K plus ? Search “doretti 1073”
  6. I hope everyone has a good time !!! Topic for discussion .......... I am currently working on resolving issues around the quality and correctness of wiring harnesses being supplied currently. I have sorted out most of the issues with LHD harnesses which are major. I have some input on RHD harness problems but would like to hear from anyone who might have further input. I note some changes in production, basically the position of the terminal strip at the regulator relay fuse box control panel. The move of the solenoid around chassis 2000. and possibly a change in the routing of the ha
  7. Frank has been questioned through years on his actual knowledge of production as he focused on other things. This particular quote has turned up a couple of times in other writings. In retrospect I suspect the 220 number here is a typo of some nature. In the past couple of days I widely distributed this letter purposely clipping out the production statement to avoid further reference to it. The first 80-90 cars came to the USA as was the agreement in the initial manufacturing agreements with Dorothy and Aurthur, inclusive of the World Debut. A few cars in this group turn as promotion cars i
  8. I'd be happy to pay for the shipping and send you an interesting piece of triumph badging as a tip Tom Householder 1151 Parkview Dr Lancaster, Ohio 43130 USA you can contact me off forum at Doretti.com
  9. So add the car noted as 1294 to the list of post production cars Colin Bray owned TG1000 Reg RLL 280, which he sold to Yankee. Howard Truman car reported as TMB 200 Bolton Nr Wilberforce York From some old notes of mine .....note prior owner as Cooper????? MONK PATH DAVID MANN ( reported as chassis 1294) COOPER HAD IN MAULDER (N?) BEDFORDSHIRE GARAGE FOR 20 YEARS HAD ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT FOR A BAD DEBDT, CAR WAS BURNT OUT. BODY #12 BUILT IN LANCASHIRE BY AN INDEPENDANT GARAGE So the known post production list is Colin Bray Car Howard Truman car TMB 200
  10. " It was red in colour and yes it was the first TR Register Curborough Sprint which I organised in July 1979" I have dug a lot of stuff up over the years you would think there would be an entrants list results or some newsletter/ newspaper coverage of the Event
  11. So the known post production list is Colin Bray Car Howard Truman car 1425 Reg # 584 DHU TG 1000 Reg # RLL 280 JW-1 223 Reg # 223 DTC Recent Hencock Devon find Reg # GLB 875C
  12. Jim Williams reported he bought the last assemblance of a car from Swallow and built it up . I am of the opinion the the registered car 1294 is not a production car but could be one of these finished up after the close of production. It does not have a official Commission plate but one crudely hand stamped using the Chassis number I assume that is stamped on it's chassis but could never get confirmation or any info on its history . Cyril Harvey's Early list of cars notes two Monkspath cars for no other reason I assume than no known Chassis numbers so reported as such by owners. Some of this w
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