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  1. For sale at another site for 44K plus ? Search “doretti 1073”
  2. I hope everyone has a good time !!! Topic for discussion .......... I am currently working on resolving issues around the quality and correctness of wiring harnesses being supplied currently. I have sorted out most of the issues with LHD harnesses which are major. I have some input on RHD harness problems but would like to hear from anyone who might have further input. I note some changes in production, basically the position of the terminal strip at the regulator relay fuse box control panel. The move of the solenoid around chassis 2000. and possibly a change in the routing of the harness to the rear lighting. Cheers Tom Householder Doretti.com trhouse@Columbus.rr.com
  3. Frank has been questioned through years on his actual knowledge of production as he focused on other things. This particular quote has turned up a couple of times in other writings. In retrospect I suspect the 220 number here is a typo of some nature. In the past couple of days I widely distributed this letter purposely clipping out the production statement to avoid further reference to it. The first 80-90 cars came to the USA as was the agreement in the initial manufacturing agreements with Dorothy and Aurthur, inclusive of the World Debut. A few cars in this group turn as promotion cars in England. Several other cars come to America via service men and customer overseas purchases and a hand full towards the end of production. Frank's statement here that Aurthur Anderson is primarily responsible for the manufacture of the Doretti in the first place is the significant point here. Tom I spoke to Paul Borel in my early years of research he had car 1042 which survives and car 1103. He shipped both cars to Shrilanka . His collective knowledge of known California cars was shared and found in early Register records. 1103 has yet to surface!!!!! his name is typed as Morel by mistake in early lists.
  4. I'd be happy to pay for the shipping and send you an interesting piece of triumph badging as a tip Tom Householder 1151 Parkview Dr Lancaster, Ohio 43130 USA you can contact me off forum at Doretti.com
  5. So add the car noted as 1294 to the list of post production cars Colin Bray owned TG1000 Reg RLL 280, which he sold to Yankee. Howard Truman car reported as TMB 200 Bolton Nr Wilberforce York From some old notes of mine .....note prior owner as Cooper????? MONK PATH DAVID MANN ( reported as chassis 1294) COOPER HAD IN MAULDER (N?) BEDFORDSHIRE GARAGE FOR 20 YEARS HAD ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT FOR A BAD DEBDT, CAR WAS BURNT OUT. BODY #12 BUILT IN LANCASHIRE BY AN INDEPENDANT GARAGE So the known post production list is Colin Bray Car Howard Truman car TMB 200 1425 Reg # 584 DHU TG 1000 Reg # RLL 280 JW-1 223 Reg # 223 DTC Recent Hencock Devon find Reg # GLB 875C
  6. " It was red in colour and yes it was the first TR Register Curborough Sprint which I organised in July 1979" I have dug a lot of stuff up over the years you would think there would be an entrants list results or some newsletter/ newspaper coverage of the Event
  7. So the known post production list is Colin Bray Car Howard Truman car 1425 Reg # 584 DHU TG 1000 Reg # RLL 280 JW-1 223 Reg # 223 DTC Recent Hencock Devon find Reg # GLB 875C
  8. Jim Williams reported he bought the last assemblance of a car from Swallow and built it up . I am of the opinion the the registered car 1294 is not a production car but could be one of these finished up after the close of production. It does not have a official Commission plate but one crudely hand stamped using the Chassis number I assume that is stamped on it's chassis but could never get confirmation or any info on its history . Cyril Harvey's Early list of cars notes two Monkspath cars for no other reason I assume than no known Chassis numbers so reported as such by owners. Some of this was sorted out but is not on top of my head at this time. Colin Bray and his dad were one and Howard Truman was the other if someone can sort these out? There is a newsletter from a continent club that has a Doretti for sale and an article on the history noting production numbering ran from 1001 to 1293 with gaps at the end (Someone was privy to some info we never saw). Frank Rainbow states production started at 1000 which I profess was the car Black wrecked this is supported by Ken Richardson and Helen Rainbow in my conversations with them on the subject. Various press pieces on the wreck makes statements of it being a 1st production car and some also refer to it as a prototype. The wreck wearing Swallow Plates when wrecked was returned to Swallow and some issues with the insurance around the mishap turn up in Standard Triumph files. We deduce after the fact that the Engine TS 1 E was in this car TS 4 E was in Rainbow's prototype and TS 6 E was in Dorothy's car . TS 1 E survives with the works race car that was at Silverstone in mid 54. Cyril Harvey and I suspected that parts from the "1000" wreck were used on production cars we had that were along the same time in the production mid 54, Mine being filister head bolts assembling the side curtains which was out of sorts with production chrome pan heads, and looked like were evident in the 1000 wreck photos and an ignition key code "UN 1" on the original key.
  9. From your website This appears to be written from the article I remember and am still looking for. I am not sure of what is stated here as Franks comments is verbatumn from his Original Doretti Story.. Early in 1955, John Churchley, (the owner of Monkspath Garage), heard that Swallow Coachbuilding had stopped production of the Doretti and wanted to dispose of its surplus parts, he was keen to see what was available. He went to the factory, ostensibly with the intention of buying twenty handbrakes and sets of cables for the cars that he was producing at the time. However when he arrived the store-man welcomed him with open arms and offered him the entire contents of the stores, including all the body panels, windscreens and so on. Churchley protested that he couldn't possibly afford everything but they were quite desperate to get rid of them and offered to sell and deliver the whole lot to Solihull for £100. Hardly able to believe his good luck he accepted the offer with great alacrity. The following day three pantechnicons arrived at the garage with the entire contents of the stores, including dozens of panels and windscreens. Apparently Swallow had been so pleased to find somebody to take everything that they had sent the whole lot. Monkspath exported the Doretti parts all over the world for years. Indeed, so great was the demand for windscreen glass that Churchley was eventually getting them made in batches by Triplex. John Churchley has specifically stated that all the cars had gone from the factory by the time he got there and that he never built or sold any Doretti sports cars. However there was at least one Kenmar special built on a Swallow Doretti chassis by Monkspath. Frank Rainbow himself has written that after production stopped "about twelve of the Dorettis not completed were disposed of as kits to enthusiasts". It would therefore appear that the confusion has arisen about these cars. The so-called Monkspath Doretti cars have obviously never existed Tom Doretti.com
  10. I think there is an old letter either in your files Ken or sourced from another site that is written by the Monkspath owner that states they never built cars but can't recall the specifics for sure. I'll try to access it but with all the site changes, not all the info through the years turns up .
  11. Obviously the grill has been bashed and the air duct has been partially cut out. The four bolts holding on the grille surround should be a source of recall if anyone restored this car. Still nothing turning up here Tom Doretti.com
  12. I have been tracking these cars since the late 70s. Loads of pics classifieds history here but this is new to me. Fill me in on the event and date, when you had it, where came from and went. color history and any special bits OD and the like. I'll check my timeline and will see if I can come up with something. In the mean time I will keep looking here. Tom Doretti.com Obviously a post 1970 photo
  13. I know this car if you want to contact me direct at Doretti.com tom
  14. The body bolts you think are 1/4 28 are not they are an English tread of some sort..... You can retap your captured nuts to 1/4-28 and use SAE bolts probably ok with some tjread sealer best check depending on the Qualty of bolts you get. or replace all with 1/4-28 Tom
  15. Classic and Sports Car august 2009 sports a letter from an employee of Wellbeck Motors that acquired a 4 Place Doretti for them at the close of the Doretti Production. I believe this is something other than one of the MK II cars. There does exist a MK I car with an extended floor length and shortened rear shelf that appears to have been originally black. I am researching this further, In the mean time does anyone have a rear shelf that finishes a couple of inches behind the rear wheel wells? tom
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