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Exhaust System Compatibility

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I need after 20 years to replace the 2 Falcon stainless steel silencers on my TR4 as they are now very noisy and resonating badly. Due to quality issues Moss no longer supply Falcon products but offer Bell systems. As I do not want to go to the expense of a new manifold and link pipe I asked Moss if the Bell silencers would be compatible with the rest of my system the answer was they thought they were but not 100% sure. Has anyone had any experience of this ?, the outside diameter of the inlet pipe into the existing Falcon silencer from the link  pipe coming from the manifold is 2 inches.

Cheers Chris



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I have just finished a similar project on my 3A. I bought a front silencer from a TR ( and others ) specialist ? Not Moss. When it arrived there were problems fitting it. 

  1. The box was too long and had to have two corners cut off the avoid resting on the chassis
  2. The  height offset on the front pipe was not enough and the box was touching the floor
  3. The pipe size where it joins the original downpipe was wrong and we had to weld a new end on the downpipe.
  4. I tried many times to fit and ended up at the welders on four different days. The black marker pen now lives in the overalls.

It cost more in the end than Phoenix exhausts from Devon who supply TR shop. But I did not want stainless steel and Phoenix are not very good at returning calls.  The box now fitted is a good weight and quality but the supplier needs to research how they fit , or try and fit one themselves. 

It is also quite difficult to line it up on your own,  while lying on the ground with a hydraulic jack and axle stands. It is all a bit close up and after 4 goes you have had enough. 

Take care where you buy your exhaust.

Richard & B

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Hi Chris

I don’t know if this will help, but I have just gone through a similar experience, with my six.
The car was fitted with a six into two manifold and sports system, when I purchased it many years ago.
I have toyed with the idea of changing it to a standard system for many years.
I ordered a Falcon system from Moss; I decided to keep the first sections of old pipe from the manifold, so only needed the back sections and transverse silencer.
The problem I had was that the two systems were manufactured from different diameter tubing. How I got around the problem, was to order two exhaust adapter sleeves, from a company called “Every exhaust part”. I found them on Ebay. I gave them the outside measurements from both systems and the sleeves they provided were spot on.
The only slight problem was making sure the sleeves fitted as far onto each section of pipe, as possible, so as not to increase the overall length.  Apart from that, it was very straightforward

Brent C

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If you are on the right side of Birmingham it might be worth a jaunt to Custom Chrome in Nuneaton.

They have a good stock of stainless silencers and can bend/weld the pipes to a high standard of fit withoug costing the earth.

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