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Angle drive joy (?) and tunnel access panels

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Hello experts!

My speedo stopped working last season...  The speedo end of the cable was spinning alright but could be stopped by pinching with fingers and so I was looking towards the angle drive (thanks to archive forum post from RogerH).  Anyway, I removed the one-piece tunnel today and discovered that the gearbox-facing bayonet fitting on the angle drive was 2 threads/turns loose.  All tightened up now and reckon that will be it - any thoughts in advance of my 2 month wait for dry and salt-free roads??  Hopefully I will avoid the need to buy a new smiths angle drive. 

Also going to take the opportunity to cut in a number of access panels in that pesky plastic tunnel.   My plan is to use the cut out piece of plastic and speed tape to form the access panel as per the attached sketch (black = plastic and red = speed tape with the outer of the tunnel on top side of the sketch).  That's my initial plan using stuff that's to hand in the garage, but grateful for the benefit of anyone else's experience.




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Hi David I’ve a similar set up on my TR4 and tend to use if every year or so to check or replace the angle drive. I cut a section out of the tunnel retaining the bottom tunnel flange and a small lip. I then used some light gage plate ( similar to your diagram) screwed tight to the face of the tunnel with spire clips. I also used a compressible self adhesive foam strip fixed to the cover plate and once screwed down tight there should be no water ingress. Well worth the effort and a real time saver in the long run. I’ve also cut a hole in my tunnel opposite the gearbox filler plug and sealed this with a large  grommet. Also worth doing as you can check and fill the gearbox without jacking the car up

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