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IRS Rear End Clonking Possibilities

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IRS Rear End Clonk


Wire wheel loose on splines

Wire wheel adaptor nuts loose

Steel wheel nuts loose

Something in the boot

Lever arm damper attachment bolts loose

Lever arm drop link loose

One or more of the 4 diff support pins broken on the chassis

Drive shaft splines worn

Drive shaft UJ’s worn

Drive shaft/diff attachment bolts loose

Driveshaft spline lock

Propshaft splines worn

Propshaft UJ’s worn

Propshaft attachment bolts lose

Diff input pinion loose/to much play

Diff output half shaft key worn

Diif front brace attachment bolts

Diff pin loose nuts

Exhaust system knocking

TRailing Arm bushes

TRailing Arm brackets cracked/loose

TRailing Arm attachment bolts loose

Trailing Arm chassis member cracked

Doors clunking on the anti-burst brackets

Body loose on the chassis

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