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Terratrip 202 instructions

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Hi, my first post on here after lurking and soaking up a huge amount of invaluable TR-ness, thanks all.


Just brought home my 1962 TR4 (PFF 337), a US car but back in UK since 1994 and has been used for tours and rallies here and on the Continent. I fully intend to continue that. It has an old 1980s Terratrip 202 installed and seemingly working, this model:




But my last rallying days were pre-electronics and this is like the helm on the Starship Enterprise. Can anyone give me a 'Dummies Guide' to what all the buttons do (apart from the obvious CLR resets)? Can this one run backwards?




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Thanks Roger. I had hunted around those places, found quite a bit about installation etc and I also got sent some notes by Terratrip's UK office. But surprisingly nothing (that I could find) in terms of basic user instructions! Maybe they just don't exist at this point.


Still, I'm loathe to just poke buttons as I don't want to lose the calibration as currently set up for the car.

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Thanks Tim. There isn't a user manual specifically for the 'old model' T202 model that I have, rather than the 202Plus which is somewhat different. But I'm piecing together what I think the various buttons on my unit mean/do:


[FRZ] freezes readouts (eg for noting a distance run to a waypoint, on the fly)

[1] [0] [2] selects the sensor in use (in my case I only have one, on the speedo cable). Can't see why you'd want to select 0='no sensor' but I'm sure there's a good reason...

[+] runs digits forward, [-] runs backwards (for re-tracing from a wrong slot turn-around)


[CAL] Calibrate mode...

[F] for adjusting the calibration settings. The manuals give some steer on this although I probably now need to get out and play with it. I think I need to set it to 100 then run a measured mile (/km) then reset the CAL parameter to the end-of-run display value. Thanks to Google Earth for their map measuring tool.


Lots of fun ahead!

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