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  1. Interesting. I have the ratchet type at home but keep one of the folding type in my jack bag in the car, they are very compact and quite light. Good to know they appear to be well over-spec'd for supporting a TR or similar. Nigel
  2. Almost exactly 110 years later the Russians lost their Black Sea flagship (hoping no lives were lost, although it's unclear). Still kind of waiting for the Kremlin to blame an iceberg. Nigel
  3. I know almost nothing about this subject (doesn't usually stop me) but isn't the reason that many people survive lightning strike that the impulse is extremely short duration even though high powered, so has little ability to heat up tissues even though it can do a lot of damage to cells? Would that also limit damage to wiring - potentially (ha, see what I did there?). Nigel
  4. It was a great meeting but I've been trying to find out the outcome of the horrendous crash on Sunday afternoon. One of the Frazer-Nashes was practically split in half and the ambulance heli was on hand for quite a while before the driver was flown off. But relieved to see this, put out by the Frazer-Nash Club: "The Goodwood Members Meeting Frazer Nash race ended abruptly after an accident involving Paul Waine who was taken to hospital with chest injuries. He has broken his sternum and several ribs but is being extremely well looked after by the staff at Southampton hospital who have a po
  5. Actually I rather suspect it won't. The classic car lobby appears to me to be surprisingly powerful in parliament, having lobbied successfully for (eg) the abolition of road tax for historics. But in any case the average annual mileage by a classic car in UK is only about 1,200 miles so a per-mile charge wouldn't hurt too badly, no? Nigel
  6. Even though it's a 'smaller gallon' (3.79 versus 4.54 litres) a driver of one of America's favourite 'cars' the Ford F-250 pickup will be getting about 16 mpg, so you've gotta feel sorry for them really haven't you. Nigel
  7. I'd be more impressed if he did it in something with no power steering...
  8. A great read in TRaction 335 by Lee Clarke about their entry in the Lands End-John O'Groats (LE JOG) rally in December. Renowned as the most gruelling endurance event on the UK's annual reg rally calendar (and one I've yet to attempt), this one was reported by all who took part as especially challenging, with some fiendish nav gotchas on top of the snow and ice. Well done to Lee and Alex for being among the finishers! I enjoyed the excellent tech report on car prep, and the inevitable glitches on the road - fuel pumps, alternator, coil - show how even brand new components are liable to le
  9. And later this evening it'll be 22/2/22 22:22. Nigel
  10. "Matching numbers"... Chassis number matches the V5
  11. A nice birthday weekend... leaving me equipped with an Xbox and the necessary gubbins to show up how rubbish my driving is compared with the 20-somethings. Sadly no TRs featured in Dirt Rally 2.0 but I've started on a Mini Cooper and a lovely Lancia Fulvia HF. Not sure if it'll improve my real-world TC section times (although it's a lot cheaper when you prang the car on screen) but anyway I gather there's some recent research that says an hour a day on a vid game helps oldies to maintain at least some of our cognitive capacities...
  12. It's obviously a really bad idea to be anything other than fully up-front with insurers, and the policyholder must take reasonable care to declare mods. However, I read recently about an insurer trying to say that even putting on winter tyres had to be declared. I rather suspect the Ombudsman would come down on the side of the policyholder if an insurer tried to void cover for such a ludicrous reason. There's some peace of mind from knowing that you can't be guilty of the offence of driving without insurance just because you haven't declared some mod or other. The insurer still has to hon
  13. I've been looking at lifts just recently. I was told UK manufacturers are finding it very hard now to compete on price with Chinese imports. A couple of suppliers have been reticent to quote me firm prices and some will only install and maintain because it's not worth their while trying to make a margin on supply. At the same time, prices have recently all gone up sharply because of the massive hike/volatility in steel prices. Nigel
  14. "Aye, we 'ad things then as they don't 'av today. Like diphtheria, and rickets." (Not The Nine O'Clock News, IIRC)
  15. Great stuff. And it's amazing that the barbering industry survived that era.
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