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  1. On the question of how many cars is too many: I've explained to Mrs BN that you can only be justifiably accused of having too many cars when your collection includes one that you've had specially modified and prepped solely for eventual use as a hearse. Nigel
  2. Hi all, bumping this quite old (well, aren't we all) but very interesting (ditto) thread. I've just been reading various posts recently on the Facebook HRCR group and others about tyres for road rallying. Leaving aside gravel tyres - although may come back to those for this year's Rally of the Tests - there seems to be some inclination towards using XL winter tyres all year round for 'mixed' events (ie road and private land regularities and tests on anything from old airfield tarmac to gravel or mud) and also for long distance international events of 10 days or more where a gravel tyre wo
  3. Ha ha, the first time I was given it was after ortho surgery in a French hospital, they certainly didn't discuss anything with me. But as I've noticed, French healthcare facilities do seem to like to give you a bulging 'party bag' to take away after every visit and that time it included a 12-pack of heparin for self-administration in the comfort of my own home. There probably was discussion of VAT, but that was before they'd laid any hands on me and it was about the prospective bill... Seriously though, the problem is that we (the public) really struggle to assess relative risks espe
  4. I have "sticky blood" (Factor V Leiden) so was particularly pleased to get my first jab (and it happened to be Pfizer anyway not AZ). But the heparin thing is interesting. I've had to jab myself with heparin a few times but with no ill effects. It'll be very unfortunate though if a very small, even if real, risk from vaccine induced clotting throws a spanner into mass vaccination roll out. That old immune system is a fickle thing, ain't it.
  5. I don't understand why you are so disparaging about it. It's a meta analysis and seems on the face of it to be competently performed in that light. I've only had a quick read through but the paper's interpretation section starts by saying: "Despite evidence of significant heterogeneity across trials, vitamin D supplementation was safe and overall reduced the risk of ARI compared with placebo, although the risk reduction was small." That seems an entirely reasonable conclusion from the analysis, given the way meta analyses are done. I realise that the report didn't then go on to spe
  6. Okay here's a question for the tyre and handling experts. Comparing a 165/80 with a 165/65 on a TR. The latter is the same tread width (obvs) but about 2 inches/8% smaller diameter. What difference in real world handling would be expected on the 65 profile tyre, versus the full profile version? (Ignore the acceleration difference due to different gearing, and one inch lower ground clearance). Nigel
  7. Interesting test, the top four all being £200+ a corner of course. They didn't include the Avon CR6ZZ (even more expensive) but I assume it would have been in the same territory or better, performance wise. Looks like they also did a test of the top three classics in March, against modern equivalents. Would be very interested to see the results, but that's still paywalled. Anyone have a subscription? Nigel
  8. Nice looking car, mostly. The wing vents are absolutely ghastly. And I wouldn't be driving it with an unpadded roll cage right next to my ear hole. Blockley tyres - interesting. Critique-ing someone else's car is always interesting, isn't it! Nigel
  9. That is one handsome beast, it looks absolutely "right" IMO. If Triumph had made those, I'd have bought one. Nigel
  10. In the sixties they promised us flying cars by the Year 2000, like the Jetsons. But here we are, still can't even decide the best way to move some cogs around. As a generation, we've been betrayed. But I am enjoying this thread. The clutch pedal to disengage OD is an intriguing idea, as coming down through the box into (say) a roundabout typically involves 4OD -> 4 -> 3 etc and the clutch pedal would achieve at least that first shift without any hands off wheel. Neat. Nigel
  11. Yes I guess, but a stunningly gorgeous one.
  12. Etna certainly is an impressive volcano, even just for its sheer scale (basal circumference 140km according to Wikipedia). I've been almost to the crater rim, with Italian Protezione Civile people to hold my hand, and I was secretly slightly relieved when the time came to head back down. Nigel
  13. My Icelandic friend who used to head up part of the Iceland Search and Rescue org posted this. It's an auto translate of their local safety advisory, into Polish and English. So if you're planning to be one the "people who are going to erupt" or are going to see the "fireworks", bear in mind that "Poland will humiliate", apparently, and also beware that "The Gossip Station is destroyed at 17.00 today". Made me chuckle anyway.
  14. I very much doubt it Tim. Scrutineers are I'm sure going to interpret it as no LEDs in headlights. It's entirely consistent with the general rule that only modifications that were known to have been used in period are allowed. (Anyone reading this - NB - this is about RALLYING, not about general use, MOTs etc). Nigel
  15. Great picture from a friend in Iceland just now. Nigel
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