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  1. I've used KeePass for many years. It's very widely used, open-source so there's a choice out there for which app you use to edit and view your Keepass data file(s). I keep copies of my encrypted file in the cloud as well as on my devices. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KeePass
  2. Bravo, Peter. Good luck with the next stage of your project. Nigel
  3. Re inspection/approval: given that trailers have no means of identification (unless the plate carries a manufacturer's serial number of some kind) and are not registered with any government agency, it's hard to see how anyone would know whether you had had your trailer inspected or not. And it's perfectly in order to purchase a DIY weight plate and stick it on. Regarding insurance: I gather that some car insurers limit cover if the trailers is not of a "recognised manufacturer" but not all, you just need to check. (I'm assuming BFG isn't going to insure the trailer itself). Incidenta
  4. Will you ever take it on a ferry? If so it would be good to look at overall trailer length, as the break-points for trailer fares tend to be in whole metres. Your trailer looks like it's comfortably under 2 metres but If necessary you could make the tow hitch bar telescopic with a 'long' and 'short' position! Sorry I'm probably getting too cute on that. Nigel
  5. 41 degrees of articulation does sound enough I guess. You could always put plastic pads on the front of the trailer to protect the TR bumper should they touch. I assume you'll be going without a spare wheel for the trailer? You can now get foam-fill/gunk to put in tyres that practically prevents punctures, I think that would work on a small trailer although haven't any experience of that myself.
  6. Some nice design ideas, looks potentially very practical. Query: does your design allow enough articulation for tight turns and manoeuvring? The hitch seems very close to the body of the trailer and I don't know how much your TR's tow hitch projects. Re the canvas rear/sides: I would give some thought to whether you could optionally have the canvas rigged during daytime as a more horizontal "sunshield" (with the sides open). When the weather allows, that would give you more headroom for when you're cooking etc. Personally, I would make the bed slightly narrower at the 'head' en
  7. I have a VW Transporter-type van with alloys and they are notorious for the wheels sticking on. Without copper grease on the mating surfaces all the usual tricks (brake hard, rock van with loose wheel nuts etc etc) tend to fail and considerable effort then needed with a sledge hammer and block of wood becomes necessary which is quite scary with the vehicle up on a jack at side of the road. I've heard the same is true with a lot of cars now. Bonkers. Nigel
  8. Vicky, thanks for your post. Very wise and practical advice. Nigel
  9. Sorry to hear, an awful injury and could have been worse still. We've had two incidents with cows in different places in the last couple of years, both times while walking the dog and trying to steer clear of the cows. But both times, by the time we'd been able to release the dog, the cows were all round and very aggressive. Anyone who hasn't experienced that should not take it lightly, it's a very dangerous situation. Cows and horses are completely different, no horse is going to attack you out of the blue. But cows do that, regularly - several people are killed every year and many
  10. Whatever you ride, don't forget...
  11. 1963 Alfa Giulia Sprint 1600. For historic road rallying, like my TR4. Both about the same size and power but quite different drives - the Alfa needs to rev its glorious little twin cam and has a very different ride to the TR, handles very deftly, more like an Escort. When driving the TR I play something by the Rolling Stones in my head. In the Alfa it has to be "Days Like These" by Matt Munro.
  12. I've been told by more than one rally mechanic that there are seem to be a lot of really rubbish imported coils on the market now, sold online. Royal Enfield in India just recalled several hundred thousand of its bikes due to faulty coils. Just saying. Nigel
  13. Damn, my keyboard is now covered in drool. And what an absolutely lovely guy.
  14. He obviously didn't have much clue about how charities work either, because that sort of 'analysis' is utterly meaningless on its own. An operational charity (ie one delivering services, rather than say raising funds for another cause 'downstream', eg a charity funding medical research) could quite easily and legitimately expend ALL of its incoming resources on 'itself' - ie salaries etc if that's how it gets the job done through its paid staff in doing its work on the ground. Practically as pointless, incidentally, is trying to compare charities in how much they spend on 'admin'. Some of
  15. Thanks Tim, a good read exploring a nuanced personality.
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