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Hello Richard Crawley, My name is Ian Barnes and I bought VVC 633J when I was 25 years old and collected it new from Triumph on the Western Avenue, If my memory serves me correctly it cost around £1,800. I felt so proud when I drove the car out onto the Western Avenue and took it to show my grlfriend in Marylebone. It's a long time ago since you posted this. I wonder if the vehicle is still around? Great days!

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17 hours ago, foster461 said:

We have not seen Richard here for several years but if he still has that TR6 it has been in very good hands for the last 46 years.


Hi Stan, @Richard Crawley was on here a few months ago in this thread. Maybe now I’ve tagged him he may see this thread.


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Hi all

Having once been the Forum’s second highest contributor, unfortunately I don't visit much these days. I didn’t see Ian’s recent reply to my 2006 post but got a PM from Derek Graham yesterday (thanks Derek) drawing my attention to it & I’m going to PM Ian today. I will have to look at my forum settings as notifications seem to have been switched off some time ago as I didn’t even get any for my recent post about recomendations for a new cover; the forum format has also changed considerably since I was a regular.

The 6 is still going strong & looks fairly good even though it’s 18 years since I finished its total restoration. The paintwork & detailing is obviously not as good as it was in 2002 although I did have the car professionally polished & detailed recently & the car came back looking amazing; quiet expensive though! Unfortunately it leaks oil from practically every seal as even the newer one’s are now over 20 years old & my next job is to get them all replaced. I’m always getting told off by the kids for dripping oil all over their drives when I visit in the car & now carry some flat cardboard boxes around in the boot! Problem is my enthusiasm for lying on my back with oil dripping on my face is rather diminished these days & I’ve long since stopped doing my own servicing on any of our cars. It’s finding someone I can trust to work on the TR & do it properly without breaking the bank but most modern mechanics don’t seem to be interested.

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