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Experienced TR Mechanic - Norfolk / Suffolk Area

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Not been on the Forum for a while but I’ve just had my TR4A and a TR6 serviced / prepared for MOT by a very experienced TR mechanic based in West Norfolk. I hope it's OK to mention here but I thought his services might be of assistance to other TR owners in East Anglia who, like myself, are more interested in driving their cars than tinkering with them. He might also be able to help anyone struggling with unusual TR mechanical problems that are proving hard to fix.


The chap in question is Bob Scott. He used to be with Classic Marks in Stoke Ferry and more recently in Brandon but he is now working (independently) out of E.W. English’s garage in Stoke Ferry once again. I’ve known him for a few years and he really is very knowledgeable about all mechanical aspects of TR’s and has worked on them for many years. He knows the various quirks of each model and is particularly handy with gear boxes and TR6 fuel injection set up’s.


I have no connection with Bob other than as a customer but having recently spoken to a few classic car owners that have struggled to find genuinely knowledgeable mechanics I thought I’d mention him here in case it is of help to others. He can be contacted in Stoke Ferry on 01366 500254 during normal working hours (Monday to Friday) or send me a PM and I can pass on his mobile number.


I would also mention that E.W. English are very experienced at doing MOT’s on classic cars and I know that finding such people can also be a bit of a challenge at times.

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All - Bob Scott has been looking after my 4a for many, many years. Suffice to say that over the last couple of years I've toured Scotland, Orkneys, Shetland as well as the South of France without the car missing a proverbial beat. Bob just seems to know TR's inside out, and I wholly endorse the good comments about him and his work. No connection other than as a very satisfied customer.

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