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TR7 and TR8 Values 2012 (UK Only)

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I have been tracking the cars put up for sale since June 2012 and keeping a record of what prices they have achieved and I thought I should share them with the community. I appreciate that I haven't been able to capture all the cars as I have only been tracking auctions, (both online and offline) and the classified adverts (online and in the national classic press) but I hope to of captured enough to give a representative overview of values.


Relative values are of course open to all sorts of interpretation linked to vehicle type, condition, location, service history, provenance etc, but at the end of the day, the market will decide how much a particular car is worth on a particular day.


I have been quite surprised at the difference between asking prices and selling prices Many cars remain unsold for months at a time, (presumably because the price asked is too high), others are bought and sold with alarming regularity (what undeclared problems must the series of owners discovered that warranted the car to be resold so rapidly) whilst other poorly described or photographed cars are bought for a song only to be resold a few weeks later for a hefty profit.


If the data is well received then I will continue to track prices and publish the data again next year, if it isn't I shall keep it to myself and to those who ask for it!


General Data

  • Since June 2012, 270 cars were placed 'for sale' (83 FHC's (31%) and 187 DHC's (69%)).
  • Of the 270 being placed 'for sale', 138 were sold (48 FHC's and 90 DHC's).



  • 75% were TR7 8v
  • 8% were TR7 16v
  • 15% were TR7 V8's
  • 2% were TR8's








  • 65% were TR7 8v
  • 10% were TR7 16v
  • 19% were TR7 V8's
  • 6% were TR8's








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Then why would you class it as a TR8 and have a separate graph for it?



Its a good question!


I personally would not refer to anything other than a factory built car as a TR8 but there are those who do. The owner of this car considers it to be a TR8 as do many others (because I understand they were built from fresh shells to factory OE spec and not a later conversion from a 7 to 7V8).


I didn't think it was my place to judge or criticise someone else's car/ investment nor the opinion of those in the know....


What do others think, should it be classed as a TR8 or a TR7V8?

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I agree but to get a true and consistent grading you would need each car to be inspected and judged using the same criteria.


This isn't very practical and so I would have to rely on the descriptions of the car by the person selling it. This too is not straightforward as one persons salesmanship is another persons embellishment!!


I have noticed (on several occasions) the same car being purchased at one price and sold on for a considerably higher sum only a few weeks later with no changes to the car whatsoever! In one instance, a car was resold three weeks after the original purchase for an extra £950 which was almost double the original sum!!


At the end of the day these charts are a useful guide as these are "prices paid" rather than "sticker prices" asked and I assume that buyers wont pay more than they think the car is worth.

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