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  1. The last time I saw my car was in December 2013 when it was collected from my home on a trailer and sent to S&S for sale (see pictures) - I can't describe how sick I felt watching it disappearing up the road. However, changes in my life meant that I could no longer keep the car in top condition and I decided to sell it to someone who would look after it rather than watch it deteriorate in my own custody. How fortunate I was that the TR7 aficionado, Christopher Smith, bought the car! He has taken great care of it and made some additional modifications that only improve on those
  2. a This post was originally published in November 2013. I have subsequently decided to re-purchase the car! I never thought it would happen but I have decided to sell my cherished TR7V8. The car has a full service history and I mean FULL. Each service since new is documented along with its corresponding receipt showing mileage and what work was undertaken. For the first years of its life it was maintained by the main dealer (PJ Evans) but since the early nineties it received an annual service from S&S Preparations regardless of the mileage it had undertaken.
  3. Hi Michael - I am afraid I don't and I don't know anyone who has.
  4. a The problem I had was the opposite to you; the brake pedal had too much travel. Once the pedal travel issue was sorted and the disc run out cured the brakes were just as I wanted them. The 'red stuff' pads give good initial bite even from cold and I have yet to induce brake fade on them. Its difficult to know what to suggest on your set up as I have no experience of the type of hardware or the pads you are using. It seems an expensive experiment to bin your existing set up in favour of an alternative system without first trying them to see if they provide what you want so I
  5. I agree but to get a true and consistent grading you would need each car to be inspected and judged using the same criteria. This isn't very practical and so I would have to rely on the descriptions of the car by the person selling it. This too is not straightforward as one persons salesmanship is another persons embellishment!! I have noticed (on several occasions) the same car being purchased at one price and sold on for a considerably higher sum only a few weeks later with no changes to the car whatsoever! In one instance, a car was resold three weeks after the original purchase f
  6. Its a good question! I personally would not refer to anything other than a factory built car as a TR8 but there are those who do. The owner of this car considers it to be a TR8 as do many others (because I understand they were built from fresh shells to factory OE spec and not a later conversion from a 7 to 7V8). I didn't think it was my place to judge or criticise someone else's car/ investment nor the opinion of those in the know.... What do others think, should it be classed as a TR8 or a TR7V8?
  7. No, it was in a good condition by all accounts but is wasnt a factory original but a Del Lines conversion.
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