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  1. Don't forget to check your new one do have the little by-pass hole - if it's missing: drill it!
  2. 6 and 8? Not 7, or 5 for that matter, ?
  3. Odd


    It (or rather they) were cut out of dead hulks for me by friends in Britain. I wish someone would find the old dies and start pressing new ones...
  4. Odd


    Phil, here's some pictures from when I converted my '80 TR8 DHC (and dads '81 TR7V8 FHC) to the trusted old mechanical solution: Cheers, /Odd
  5. http://www.team.net/TR8/tr8cca/wedgelab/other/tach/tach.htm
  6. Odd

    TR7 - newbie

    It's by invitation only nowadays - due to all the spamming low life. Get in touch with the moderators...
  7. I'm willing to bet - it's your float that's sinking. The sender in the Wedges have a plastic float (that fills with fuel - slowly over time OR quickly through a leak). This float have Jaguar part number JLM772 - and are still used for some strange reason. When you fit a new one don't forget to bend the very end of the wire loop out away from the plastic. http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk107/OddHedberg/fuellevelfloat.jpg A much better solution is to fit the soldered shut (like in the good old days!) brass float for the Ford Mustang 1964-1973 ( part number COAZ-9202-B ) = Moss Ca
  8. Raising the front of the car about a metre while massageing the top hose should do it - provided the thermostat has got the weep hole or is fully open. Did it on my '8 at least...
  9. Don't forget to make it accessible for us old farts who by principle don't do Facebook and other such time thieves!
  10. Or with the prop shaft removed...
  11. Sure will be of interest to anyone contemplating a buy - there's no such thing as standard when it comes to the shortening of the remote bridge. It's entirely a question of what car, what donor gearbox, where do one want the shifter. Etc.. Extremest I know of is the "remote" for the V8 Sherpa - it's virtually non existent. And one shortened for a R380 in a Wedge body needs the Z-cut to be fully functional. Lots of non- standard issues...
  12. Straight cut or Z cut shortening? Shortened by how much?
  13. First thing first - is it a TR8? Or a converted TR7... If the first - then it should be easy to get the correct parts for a rack rebuild. If the second - could be just about anything picked together. . . The Stag had a similar/related rack IN SOME OF THE CARS, not all of the cars...
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