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  1. Just an update got a Bastuck gasket good quality and fit Tks again everyone for your input
  2. Hi all looking for some assistance please. I have to replace the exhaust gasket on my 72 TR6 (injection). Was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on the best gasket and supplier for same, and if I can/should paint the manifold while I have it off. This would purely be for esthetics, as it’s obviously rusty. Any recommendations on a high temperature paint, or if I should bother at all and leave well enough alone. many thanks as always Kevin
  3. Have you a photo of those on the car Tim ? Toying around with same on mine. Sterling exchange rate doing me no favours at the moment though
  4. What's on Sunday Niall ? Outa da loop a wee bit
  5. Hope you don't mind Tony http://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/user/6273-tony-millward/
  6. If you like that Bill, check out TR member Tony Millwards TR6 Truly beautiful colour and combination, in my opinion. Don't know what the colour is, but it ain't standard Triumph. If ever I do a full resto . . . . . Best of luck, whatever you both decide
  7. Anything done re cooling ? Seeing as your take it to the algarve, I'd consider same (if not already addressed).
  8. Nice Best of luck with her !
  9. keving

    What colour?

    Everyones taste is different, but for what its worth heres a photo of mine with the top on. I bought the top last year, new referb and I thought the black would look good One advantage of the black is that it may suit more perspective buyers, should you ever decide to sell it on, but keep the car. I like the fact that it looks similar to the soft top, from a distance. But each to their own
  10. + 2 for Mr Cox Perfect box returned to me quickly, and very reasonable price No complaints at all
  11. It's not that big a job. Change all fluids and go Nialls route. No brainer in my eyes, considering your upcoming trip, which I hope you enjoy
  12. keving

    gearbox oils

    Penrite Gearbox oil GB40 As recommended by Pete Cox
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