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  1. Hi everyone, looking for recommendations for my Tr6 engine painting, engine has been dipped and washed, primer, aerosol or hand paint such as frosts?
  2. John, hi, we exchanged info on my tr6 pulley, eventually got the time to look at the said item this weekend, when eventually got the pulley off i have discovered that the reason for the 8 degree of movement is that some person in the past has used something like liquid metal to make up a very worn keyway groove, although the key has a tiny chip at the very front end i think i have been lucky with regard to no damage to the crank or keyway slot, you mentioned testing, do you have a pulley i could buy at all please, although the pulley i believe is still hermetically bonded obvoiusly the keyway would require repairing,do you have an opinion on the pulley/damper Rimmers sell, ie accuracy of timing marks etc ?


    Chris 07886752970

  3. Thank you Waldi, have a special affection for the Dutch, your English is so good...well wriiten anyway !
  4. thank you so much for your time, indeed i can move the outer pulley with timing marks,the centre bright steel is remaining stationery, as stated i can get approx 8 deg of movement backwards & forwards before locking, i am aware that i wouldnt be able to see the woodruff, been on this project prob 4 years cant remember much about the pulley, as you say i realise it is a harmonic damper too, i just hoping john that the noise is from the pilley & not something worse, thanks for the info on the puller, it also explains why my timing seemed to be drifting, probably can go back to the origin
  5. Thank you both, yes did measure the bolt length, ground togive 4mm bottoming , so disheartened, suppose its possible that i forgot the key but i would have expected it pull off by hand, will try again with a hydraulic puller, hoping someone offers me a replacement pulley, noise ?
  6. Hi everyone, I have a Tr6 , cp 150 which i have completely rebuilt, the car came with a non standard crankshaft pulley, the car is making a horrible what sounds like a main/big bearing knock ! I have discovered that i can rotate the crankshaft pulley by some 8 degrees, i have not tried to tighten as i cannot see how this movement could occur other than because its knackered.The pulley bolt i have undone, does anyone recognise this pulely, i should be able to pull it off yes? i suppose even though it cannot have run more than half hour as car not on the road yet it may have mullered the k
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