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  1. Yes, Maxpeedingrods. There are much more videos in YouTube about Maxpeedingrods.
  2. Three HIF44 on LHD. Very reliable but i am on EFI now. The manifold with the three tuned HIF44 is still sitting in my garage. Harald
  3. The spacers are made of 12 mm thick steel. I prepared the parts according to a pattern that Andreas made available. Andreas made the holes, especially the hole for the canal.
  4. http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-10/TR6-10.html Hope you can find here what you are looking for. Harald
  5. Harald

    Hardtop seals

    PM answered. Thanks in advance and a big thank you to Waldi for a nice video conference and many pictures.
  6. I'm very happy that the hint helped, but thanks go to AndyR100. Harald


  8. Harald

    Hardtop seals

    Summer is drawing to a close and I would like to replace the worn seals on the hardtop that I have purchased Last year. Could a friendly TR colleague provide me with photos of the seals, especially in the lower area of the B-pillar? The original seals are unfortunately very worn and so the correct condition cannot be determined for me. I have a total of four seals to replace. The front hardtop seal to the upper aluminum part of the window frame, behind it the Furflex seal and the side Furflex seals to the window down to the B-pillar. Sealing pads will also be replaced. The transitions betwe
  9. Jochem, the Volvo is plug and play for LHD cars when you buy from Kris Boxem. He also sells the necessary longer brake lines. Harald
  10. I had the same task to do and decided not to put the 3/4 gear switch in the position described in the Buckeyes document. I just milled the elevation in the front center to get an oil-tight surface and set the hole in the middle. I found the passage shown in the Buckeyes document too difficult. If photos are needed, I try to upload them. Harald
  11. I'll keep my fingers crossed Hopefully a nice Sunday Cheers Harald
  12. I would check the soleonid, maybe the valve is stuck. The soleonid can be removed with the gearbox installed. I wish you success Harald
  13. Yes they are different as you don't need to press the old rubber bushes out of your column and i feel much better with the new delrin bushes as there is no movement anymore in the column. I am very happy with the new bushes. Please follow the instructions on the website, pretty good explanation of the work that you have to do with many pictures. Harald
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