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  1. Thanks Rob; I just wasn't sure and at £140 I didn't want to let the smoke out.
  2. Hi y'all - my J-type overdrive gave up on my GT6 (it's a conversion using a Dolomite 1850 J-type - no relay, just power from the reversing light circuit) so I bought a replacement solenoid; however it's different from the original and I cannot connect it to the loom as easily. Both cables emerge from the body, not as spade terminals, there is a code BB5 on the side, and the two wires are green / white and brown. I don't know if it even makes any difference if the wrong connection is made to earth, but I'd like to make sure before fitting. On the original power goes to one and the other is just
  3. Hi all! Help needed... I've now rebuilt the TR7 engine back to the point where I'm connecting the ignition. I've fitted Accuspark ignition which has red and black wires. The coil has two - white / yellow and white / slate (I think) - is it likely to be 6v ballasted? Where do I connect the Accuspark connections? I had thought it was as simple as red to 12 positive on coil and black to 12v negative, but some talk of having to add wires to the ignition circuit due to the ballast in the loom. All advice very welcome before I let the smoke escape from the loom.
  4. Thanks Peter. I'm currently having problems with mine blowing fuses, which only started when I adjusted the self-park by rotating the top cover so that the wipers moved to a better position on the screen, but I've asked a few owners for help and many seem to believe that the square body version is single-speed only, and the one I need is round-bodied. Not so! I think that if it's got spade terminals it's single, if it's got cables it's two-speed. Incidentally, can I pick anyone's brains here - the GT6 MK1 motor has three cables (not counting earth) - green / red, green / brown, and green. Whic
  5. Yeah I know I'm awakening an old post but the GT6 motor was two-speed; they used the same shape of body as the single speed Herald rather than the later round-bodied motor, but whereas the Herald is single, the GT6 is two-speed.
  6. Relisted again, now at £5000 no bids. The rot is a bit frightening, it looks more crush than press.
  7. I just bought two replacement bolts from Robsport; saved a lot of head scratching.
  8. Am I right that it's called a flitch panel?
  9. I've just ordered two from a supplier as mine were different; one longer and one shorter with a tapered end. I thought mine had been incorrectly replaced by a PO....
  10. Thanks Ian; just to confirm - these come out / off with the hood frame in place?
  11. I'm trying to refurbish various parts on my 1980 DHC but can't get at them as the rear trim won't budge. I need access to the tops of the rear shocks but I can't get the big trim panel behind the seats out, nor the plastic 'cups' that the hood folds down into (which are stopping the rear trim from sliding out), as the curved carpeted side trims are in the way, but I can't work out how to remove those. I hope all of these can be removed without removing the hood mechanism?
  12. Lol! One of those stories that make motoring journalists shake their heads and put the car down. I had the same with my MK1 GT6 - everyone said: they're terrible to drive, poor roadholding, too front heavy. Many of those had never driven one. I have to laugh when I find that many classic owners, who put other brands of car down for poor performance at high speeds, drive mostly in cavalcades, at about 15 mph, or else park up at static shows all day.
  13. Prices are certainly rising, going by this local one, which has been reduced by £1000 in the last month. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273806278463?ul_noapp=true
  14. I almost dropped when I saw the WaringstownTR7s.co.uk website, then realised how old the thread actually is. I've been trying to locate them for ages but they seemed to have dropped off the radar.
  15. UlsterTR7

    FHC rebuild

    That's scary! Thanks for posting, it makes me feel much happier about the state of mine!
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