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  1. UlsterTR7

    2-post lift points for TR7

    Thanks Mick; I'll try that. The underside of the car is solid, which is surprising given the amount of rust on the suspension components, and the subframe, which is past saving. The front suspension is almost finished; so I've to move to the rear within a week and start there.
  2. UlsterTR7

    TR7 trim colours

    I've returned the item and requested the proper colour, but they've just sent me a refund. Now I've no idea if the proper golden tan ones are available, and this was a mistake, or are they saying to themselves that they supplied the correct colour and I was just too picky? So: should I try again, or should I just go for black, which is about £60 cheaper? I think black will do...
  3. UlsterTR7

    Front subframe terminally rusty? Need replacement

    Wayne at Robsport has one, a bit dented and rusty, Steve at S+S also has some but haven't seen pics of those. Panic now (almost) over...
  4. Hi all.... been under the rustiest dirtiest TR7 I've ever seen and have got as far as removing the front subframe, which is rotten in one arm. I'm assuming these can't be repaired or have any kind of repair section so am looking for a replacement. Any tips for suppliers who won't charge the earth, or does anyone have one for sale that will fit a 1980 2 litre? Colin
  5. UlsterTR7

    2-post lift points for TR7

    Thanks Ian; I managed to get the front pads onto the strengthened lift areas behind the pin, and so far nothing has bent inwards.... rears are on the rear swinging arms which isn't ideal as I want to replace springs shocks and bushes there too. I'll move them forward once I get that far. Colin
  6. UlsterTR7

    TR7 Advice

    Thanks, I'll ask the wife.... a friend.
  7. UlsterTR7

    2-post lift points for TR7

    Guys - what are the factory recommended lift points to place the four pads of the arms of a 2-post lift under the TR7 2-litre? I have a few likely locations under the car but want to find out what the recommended lifting points are; they're four circular pads and not two ramps so can't use the wheels. Both my front floor pans are almost domed upwards due to incorrect use of a jack or lift by previous owners so I don't want to make the same mistake. At the rear the tie-down brackets seem to cover the reinforced points and mine are already squashed almost flat. I take it the circular 'marks' on the floor pans are not lifting points, going by the damage already there?
  8. UlsterTR7

    TR7 Advice

    The problem with the seats is that the passenger side is seized solid on the runners, and won't move forward - it's fully back and stuck that way. I want to remove it to renovate the runners, plus check the state of floors etc underneath. There's only one single long thin screw through the floorpan underneath; looks like a factory fitting so I suspect they've never been touched in 40 years. Ho hum... another job for when I finish the dashboard / heater / engine / suspension / doors....
  9. UlsterTR7

    TR7 trim colours

    The supplier seems to have different shades on the website, but there is definitely a difference between the one I have, marked tan, and the one they sell listed as beige. I'll post photos of the two they advertise as a guide. I went for the darker one, which was listed as tan, but seem to have received the other one. I've started a returns process which to be honest hasn't been the most straightforward of processes.
  10. UlsterTR7

    TR7 trim colours

    According to the chassis plate on my 1980 TR7 the trim is RAG which is Golden Tan Check. In order to make a quick tidy-up of the car I bought a new hood cover / hood stowage bag in Tan, but it's nowhere near the same colour as the seats or trims; it's very pale and to be honest clashes with the seats. I'd not have gone for it if I'd seen it before purchase, but the photos all show a darker colour and the one I've been sent - despite the opaque packaging stating 'tan' - is more like beige. Before I initiate a return can anyone confirm this is beige rather than tan and my seats just aren't darkened by time?
  11. UlsterTR7

    TR7 Pictures in Wikipedia article

    This is also a problem, especially with things like historical events where we have entries that bear no resemblance to what I saw in the papers or was taught about in school. It's more a collection of opinions rather than truth. Wikipedia however take time to change things, or to delete incorrect entries, so that it can be a lot of bother to get it done.
  12. UlsterTR7

    TR7 V8 Overheating

    Well done, I'm sure you're relieved that it's not a head gasket.
  13. UlsterTR7

    TR7 Pictures in Wikipedia article

    Not just the TR7, Graham - I was looking for photos of various cars recently for magazine articles and couldn't find one original, unmodified car, just pics of someone's car at a show that was far from standard - the Triumph Courier van for example has a Vitesse bonnet, the Estate is amazingly rusty, and the Vitesse has the wrong wheels, and so on. If these entries are to be representative of the cars as they originally were, then we need proper photos.
  14. UlsterTR7

    TR7 Advice

    You're correct; I said Allen as I couldn't remember the proper name... but in any case even with the correct socket they just spin around and around... like a record.... I may have fun hacksawing them out though.
  15. UlsterTR7

    TR7 Advice

    £40 still isn't bad; it gives me something to aim for if I banjax my current engine. Dave - re TR7 seats - are they screwed into captive nuts? My allen-headed bolts just spin around so at present I can't remove mine...

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