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  1. Relisted again, now at £5000 no bids. The rot is a bit frightening, it looks more crush than press.
  2. I just bought two replacement bolts from Robsport; saved a lot of head scratching.
  3. Am I right that it's called a flitch panel?
  4. I've just ordered two from a supplier as mine were different; one longer and one shorter with a tapered end. I thought mine had been incorrectly replaced by a PO....
  5. Thanks Ian; just to confirm - these come out / off with the hood frame in place?
  6. I'm trying to refurbish various parts on my 1980 DHC but can't get at them as the rear trim won't budge. I need access to the tops of the rear shocks but I can't get the big trim panel behind the seats out, nor the plastic 'cups' that the hood folds down into (which are stopping the rear trim from sliding out), as the curved carpeted side trims are in the way, but I can't work out how to remove those. I hope all of these can be removed without removing the hood mechanism?
  7. Lol! One of those stories that make motoring journalists shake their heads and put the car down. I had the same with my MK1 GT6 - everyone said: they're terrible to drive, poor roadholding, too front heavy. Many of those had never driven one. I have to laugh when I find that many classic owners, who put other brands of car down for poor performance at high speeds, drive mostly in cavalcades, at about 15 mph, or else park up at static shows all day.
  8. Prices are certainly rising, going by this local one, which has been reduced by £1000 in the last month. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273806278463?ul_noapp=true
  9. I almost dropped when I saw the WaringstownTR7s.co.uk website, then realised how old the thread actually is. I've been trying to locate them for ages but they seemed to have dropped off the radar.
  10. UlsterTR7

    FHC rebuild

    That's scary! Thanks for posting, it makes me feel much happier about the state of mine!
  11. Got one from S&S, Wingo; I've already blasted it, repainted it and fitted with polybushes. Mike - I know what you mean; mine literally fell apart when removed. I couldn't reuse it had I wanted to, but I was also offered some by private sellers that were in the same state, with the usual nudge-nudge-wink-wink about MOT exemption; one potential seller assumed I was repairing the TR to sell it on and stated that the new owner would never notice anyway... Of course after the panic I had, as a new TR7 owner , wondering if they ever came up for sale, it turned out there are more than a few available, so panic over!
  12. Not wanting to appear pedantic - I don't know the TRs well enough yet - but do you mean the sensor rather than the switch? If I know that's what you mean I can look for an alternative more easily.
  13. That's why you always keep a magnetic pickup tool handy. The tool should cradle the clip, but allow it to open sufficiently to grip the door and rubber, without dropping off.
  14. Hmmmm... given that I have the front suspension and subframe off mine anyway, and the car two feet off the ground on a lift, I might consider it, as I was debating renovating the gearbox, or certainly replacing the clutch, rather than regretting not doing it later. At present it's only held by one mounting (side) and the gearbox is untouched and still attached to the propshaft. So: propshaft off, support everything, and is it just the rear gearbox mounting that's left to remove? Anything on the inside need to come out, bar the gearknob?
  15. Thanks Mick; I'll try that. The underside of the car is solid, which is surprising given the amount of rust on the suspension components, and the subframe, which is past saving. The front suspension is almost finished; so I've to move to the rear within a week and start there.
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