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  1. Merlin motorsport list this delays switch for £11.60. HTH
  2. I believe Mark (FlyingEnglishMen on eBay) may have one. I saw a Perfect chassis at his place when I collected an eBay purchase from him. I thought was a new CTM chassis or a nos one as it couldn’t be faulted. He told me it was off an Arizona 76 TR6 that had been on the road for a few years then stored. NFI in the chassis. I would have been in the market if I hadn’t already brought a ctm chassis.
  3. Hello David Are the new pistons SS? If yes I’ll contact you for a price in gold if you have any left. Thank you Si
  4. Hi Tom, Thanks for your advice - I assume that is for the wheels plus 'X' Rostlye wheels? A breakdown MAY be more helpful as I am a HOPEFUL buyer for the steel wheels... Simon PS - Martin I am sure we will get there!
  5. Yes but the seller in the USA identifies the lenses as NOS - not the complete lamp units as sold on ebay UK. I see the 4185 sticker is on the NOS lense so perhaps the ebay UK ones are genuine?
  6. I saw the PDE ones at Beaulieu and thought they were NOS... They had my money in a flash and I am not disappointed after fitting them.
  7. I would say at least £350 each badge for a NOS STANPART badge. I know some poeple will think I am mad but to get one 'restored' is £150 each badge and this will not be perfect even if you have purchased an original badge for teh basis of the restoration. I know because I have been down this avenue already... If anyone knows of someone who can produce the 'bees knees' please post!
  8. I don't think so (unfortunately as I am currently in the same boat...) I have it on good knowledge from a good friend who sold a NOS set to a German restoration company some years back who had a set 'restored' at great expense. Their customer was not happy with them and hence they located the NOS instead. There is a thread about it here on forum history if you know how to search these things.
  9. 71tr6

    TR7 V8 Air lock?

    Hi there, I don't profess to being any expert but I had EXACLTLY the same problem as you. I took the advice of Robsport and filled the system as normal. I then got a 2 litre empty plastic drinks bottle, cut the end off it and wrapped the pouring end with insulation tape so that I created a 'seal' between the bottle and the header tank. I think filled this 1/2 full and got someone to increase engine revs - this sucked more water into the system. With the revs still increased I put the cap back on the resevoir and I have been running perfectly since. It didn's suck much extra coolant into the system but it has certainly solved the problem. I hops this helps and if so please post a reply here - I believe this is a fairly common problem with the TR8. Thanks
  10. Nice Ad. Thanks for sharing I prefer the video they shot with the three TR5's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIlVmBDsRZM
  11. 71tr6

    Tr7 press fleet

    Hi Topoff - I've been following this thread with a lot of interest. Do you have any information on JRW 582V in general (i.e. was this a press car at the Woburn launch) and more specifically which shade of White it should be - the Heritage trace says "Leyland White" whereas the commission plate says "Ermine White". Thanks
  12. The Roadster Factory (USA) make perfect new channels and I believe these are now stocked by Moss. I used these with no installation issues and a perfect fit.
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