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  1. Grease not required for CDD drive shafts as already done.
  2. Buying new and thinking they will need to be greased or do I need not too grease?
  3. Looking buy grease tubes (Morris Blue Lithium potentially) for prop, bearings and wondering if also suitable for CV joints such as those on TR6 CDD drive hafts e.g. https://www.classicdrivingdevelopment.co.uk/cats.asp?cID=4&carID=3&page=TR6+CV+DRIVESHAFTS Any suggestions/comments?
  4. Thanks Dave; yes got those bits on order also.
  5. Hi Jerry, What is the ride like with those bushes e.g. hard, soft?
  6. I will be replacing trailing arm bushes on PI TR6 and looking for advice on replacement bushes e.g. rubber, poly, different poly types?
  7. Where does the wiring go through the tunnel to the gearbox solenoid on A type overdrive?
  8. Thanks Roger; is it the same for a TR6?
  9. Hi All and Happy Christmas, Please could you help by letting me know where the A type overdrive relay would be positioned on a RHD UK spec PI? Any pictures would be fantastic.
  10. Thank you all, I am now very much closer to making a decision. Kind regards Jonathan.
  11. I should have added that I do not do many miles so mileage I am not that worried about.
  12. Yarm783; Did you have inner tubes fitted with these?
  13. Okay I know there are many posts on this site and lots of ideas out there. Need to replace my tyres and I am so confused on the way to go. I have standard TR steel rims and from workshop manual see that original spec was 165HR-15SP or XAS (UK injection model that is what I have). Seen info on internet that suggest originals were 185, which was specified for US carb models. Thinking of Pirelli brand although open to any suggestions. I am not bound by originality as safety (me and car) is more important to me. Any comments appreciated.
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