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  1. My master cylinder was leaking at the join with the reservoir, nearest to the bulkhead. Solved it by replacing with a new rubber O-ring for a proper seal. Matt
  2. Roger. I could do with one of these as well please, if at all possible. PM me with details of how to pay you Thanks, Matt
  3. I generally limit myself to 5.5k as per the factory rev counter, but if you keep your foot in, it will pass 6k. Has a 6-2-1 exhaust manifold and Phoenix straight through system and it sounds great when working hard. However that is on an engine that had all the rotating internals balanced as part of the rebuild process. My 2500 saloon feels much less smooth when you get to 5.5k, put it that way. Matt
  4. matt george

    10 countries

    It will be my fourth 10CR, but first time in my recently-restored TR6. My dad will also be taking part in his own TR6. Looking forward to it! Matt
  5. matt george


    Hi there, and welcome. The 2000 bumpers definitely won't fit a TR – much too wide. Good luck! Matt
  6. I fitted a brand new TRW master cylinder unit to my TR6 when it went on the road earlier this year after a full restoration. Leaked from where the reservoir joined the cylinder itself, although it took a few miles and a repeatedly emptying reservoir before I worked out what was wrong. Easily fixed with a replacement rubber O-ring/seal between reservoir and master, but seems like the problem is still, well, a problem. Potentially a batch issue, as Mick states above, but I thought it worthy of a mention. Matt
  7. FWIW, that doesn't look anything out of the ordinary to me. As said, if there are any cracks then it is a different matter. Good luck!
  8. matt george

    Mintex Pads

    Slightly off topic, but I use Mintex 1144 on my 2.5 saloon, and they are excellent for fast road work. Great bite and they never fade! Matt
  9. matt george


    Go the tracking done on my '6 a couple of days ago – was set to 0 and seems to be fine. Matt
  10. Russell, Not quite the same application I know, but I've used a modern B & B clutch kit in my 2500 saloon over the past five years with no problems. Has stood up to all the abuse I can give it, too! All the best, Matt
  11. Hi Jon, You have a PM. Thanks, Matt
  12. Tim, Richard Dempster at TRGB set up my previous PI TR6 a number of years ago and was happy to go inside the MU and adjust things. Transformed how the car performed. Matt
  13. County pistons are absolutely fine, done 40,000 fast road miles in my 2500-engined saloon since rebuilding it in 2012 and had no issues. Stuck with the original rods. Hastings piston rings are well regarded… Jason at TRGB advised these when I was rebuilding the engine from my current project TR6. This time I had the original rods balanced and used them again. Matt
  14. Hi Ian/Oakwellian, You have PM Thanks, Matt
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