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  1. matt george

    Mintex Pads

    Slightly off topic, but I use Mintex 1144 on my 2.5 saloon, and they are excellent for fast road work. Great bite and they never fade! Matt
  2. matt george


    Go the tracking done on my '6 a couple of days ago – was set to 0 and seems to be fine. Matt
  3. Russell, Not quite the same application I know, but I've used a modern B & B clutch kit in my 2500 saloon over the past five years with no problems. Has stood up to all the abuse I can give it, too! All the best, Matt
  4. Hi Jon, You have a PM. Thanks, Matt
  5. Tim, Richard Dempster at TRGB set up my previous PI TR6 a number of years ago and was happy to go inside the MU and adjust things. Transformed how the car performed. Matt
  6. County pistons are absolutely fine, done 40,000 fast road miles in my 2500-engined saloon since rebuilding it in 2012 and had no issues. Stuck with the original rods. Hastings piston rings are well regarded… Jason at TRGB advised these when I was rebuilding the engine from my current project TR6. This time I had the original rods balanced and used them again. Matt
  7. Hi Ian/Oakwellian, You have PM Thanks, Matt
  8. Niall, Watling do list them, and at a significantly cheaper price than Rimmers do, but I was hoping to find a secondhand unit via forumite if at all possible Matt
  9. Thread resurrection… I'm looking for a towbar for my TR6 project. Plan is to use the car to tow a trailer tent eventually. Do any of the parties in this thread have any advice and/or parts available please? Many thanks, Matt
  10. Jason gets all the TRGB stuff done at Ivor Searle. I've been working with him on my TR's engine rebuild and learning plenty along the way
  11. I had my engine block machined at Ivor Searle in Soham, including line boring for cam bearings. Highly recommended.
  12. As an aside to parts quality… I've had a repro County pump (GWP201) from Chris Witor on my saloon since 2010. No issues, no leaks and the bearing is still quiet after all that time and some 40,000 miles. With that in mind I've also got a recently-purchased unit of the same to go on my TR6 engine when the rebuild is finished. Just my two penn'orth but thought it was worth a mention. Glad the OP is sorted anyway! Cheers, Matt
  13. Richard, I don't know what the standard depth of the recess is, but yes, my block was decked and then had the recesses re-cut. Matt
  14. My TR6 is CC78553… on the pic below you can just about see the strengthening rib on the block. My 2000 saloon has an MM code engine from a 2500TC and that also has the rib. Matt
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