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  1. He stopped to stay with his mum in York! Otherwise he would have been there sooner
  2. Shiply don't do anything except put the buyer and seller in touch. He would have paid for the ferry. Sounds like he does it a lot, he came from St Tropez to Austria. After me he was off to pick up a car in Inverness and take it to Nottingham. It works a bit like ebay, in that people leave feedback so you can get an idea of how good they are. This guy had 700 'feedbacks' 99.2% positive.
  3. Sorry, nothing more annoying than a thread that gets left hanging. Yes, it all worked well. Nice Polish guy picked it up on Friday evening and dropped it off on Monday afternoon. The only downside was, for whatever reason, Shiply charge a massive commission when you book pickup in another country £300 instead of £50, so the guy only got £900 of the £1200 it cost me. At least I have his number now for next time......
  4. Let's just say it's not concours condition.......... I think covered transport would have been astronomical!! Even for open transport I was quoted nearly £3.5k by one of the big companies.
  5. I did try him and left a message on his phone but never heard back...... The car was picked up this afternoon so I'm keeping my fingers crossed....Looked like 2 or 3 guys, so maybe they just drive continuously.
  6. I think it has the soundtrack from the Sound of Music playing continuously on a loop. It originally spent the first 14 years of its life in the Sarf of England so probably still a bit cockney. Just need some snow tyres and it will fit right in up here
  7. Thanks Rex. I had already decided to go with them. I don't entirely like it, as you don't know who you are dealing with before you accept the quote and of course Shiply are just the facilitator, so you have no comeback with them if things go pear shaped. But..... for £1200 from Austria to the North of Scotland..... Supposed to be here by Monday. We will see....
  8. Anyone had any experience using Shiply.com??
  9. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I will check those out tomorrow. Yes Conrad. I thought I would get a proper TR5, not one of these fake knock offs with the 250 badge (now how can I change my Forum name.......)
  10. Just wondered if any of the knowledgeable folk on here know of anyone/reliable company who might be able to nip across the Channel to Holland and collect a TR5 for me? It is a non-runner but would roll onto a trailer/flatbed OK. I am based in the North of Scotland so it is major expedition trying to tie in ferry/tunnel timings with a 1500 mile round trip. If it was on this side of the channel it is a bit easier to come and collect it. Happy to pay the going rate. Thanks Ali Picture for attention, as they say!!
  11. I agree. I had never heard of a 250 until I started looking for a 5. Judging by the reaction when people see it, neither have most of the general (UK) public. Exchange & Mart! Those were the days 😁
  12. It's because any day now people will realise the 250 is far more desirable than a 5.....😁😁
  13. Despite everyone's obsession with TR5's other similar TR's are available....... Thanks Mark. No sign of the 250 market keeping up with the 5's then. At least not with this one!
  14. Anyone know what the TR250 went for???
  15. My original Strombergs were fine. Never had a problem
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