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  1. Do you have a name? I have sent a PM Alan Y
  2. Thank you Tom Thats an interesting alternative Alan
  3. Thank you Ian Thats a great help Best wishes Alan
  4. I find the products available for headlights and Auxillary lights confusing and would appreciate some help Some are Chrome on Brass at considerable cost, others such as SS are much more reasonable as regards cost, but very difficult to judge as to quality. Your experience and comments would be appreciated Alan Y
  5. Thank you Tom and Tim Alan
  6. I have managed to acquire a pair of NOS original Lucas SLR700S Long Range Driving Lights with 48 watt Lucas No 185 Bulbs. I would be grateful for any advise as to the best way to modify the quality/power of my lights. Where can alternatives be obtained? i have a copy of the original Fitting and Maintenance Instructions, however they are probably out date with regard to mounting height and switching. Thank you Alan
  7. Hi Tom Which Nightbreaker did you use I am thinking of ordering for my TR3 Best wishes Alan
  8. Thank you everybody Roger, Hair dryer, spot on, thanks Alan
  9. Why has my Handbrake stopped working ? Is it because it's cold ? The button is not engaging when I want to apply it. Alan Y
  10. Hi Don Yes you are right, almost horizantal But in good condition Photo's available Alan Y
  11. Hi Lotus fan I have a 1955 steering wheel fo sale at a reasonable cost if you are interested please send a personal message Alan Y
  12. Hi Mike Once again thank you I have printed all and will read and learn Best wishes Alan
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