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  1. I'm trying to track down some older TR2 / 3 front springs which are just under 10" in length, so would usually be used be with the aluminium packing piece. All available springs seem to be 11" in length these days, so omitting the packing piece. Does anyone have an older set they would like to part with? Thanks!
  2. Thank you people for your input. I hadn't spotted the brake pipe at all, however now it's really obviously. Once I have my Churchill style spring compressor created I'll set to work on the front and see what I can remove.
  3. After around 16 years, this little car is now all one colour and will be on the road soon, however I have a few suspension niggles as the rear is too low and the front is too high. I've trawled through multiple posts and can't see anything obvious such as packing pieces/spacers however have yet to dismantle the front suspension as I'm in the process of making an internal spring compressor. There is a welded reinforcement plate on the rear axle , however it doesn't look to make any noticeable difference to the height. Before I purchase new rear leaf springs as well as front springs, i
  4. Thanks Bob, Guildford isn't too far from me. Could be a winner!
  5. I'm also looking at getting my radiator re-cored (as opposed to installing an electric fan), however struggling to locate a local company. Are there any recommendations for companies located in Sussex? Thanks!
  6. Devs

    New MOT

    Great looking car Roger. I find it's usually the shabby cars that get the largest crowds at car shows! I'm always being asked when I'm going to finish mine and everyone is always surprised to find out it's rock solid. It's looked like this for the last 4 years. One day .......
  7. Hi Rich, I would be interested if Chris doesn't follow up. I can't send you a PM I'm afraid as apparently you can't accept any more! Thanks!
  8. The TR Shop exchanged mine. Took around 2 months all told as their 3rd party wasn't available initially. However, pleased with the result.
  9. Thanks Stuart. No wonder I was scratching my head when I was trying to match it up with the catalogue images. Very interesting!
  10. Please could someone ID this master cylinder set up for me? It's been changed from my original Lockheed hardware, however I can't get an exact match from my Moss catalogue. Please ignore the blue plastic connectors! As always, many thanks!
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. Just to confirm that everything is new from the master brake cylinder which is the only remaining part that I haven't replaced, so all the shoes, slaves cylinders, brake lines, 4 way connectors, T-piece connector etc. are all new. I don't have a restrictor valve on my set-up. I do remember that the locking and spring plates on the slaves were a bugger to fit, so I'll double check those to ensure I have some free movement. As the Master cylinder is the only remaining part that isn't new, I'll also ensure it's returning the push rod as
  12. I've just got my TR2 on the road after 11 years and in doing so, have replaced the full braking system with new parts from Moss. It has TR2 front drums, however rear axle is the later Girling model from a TR3. When you first set off, I have around 1 inch of travel at the brake pedal. After around 3 miles of normal use, this decreases to next to nothing. After 5 miles the brakes are seriously binding, forcing me to stop as the engine is quite unhappy., All the wheels are locked at this point, the rears are almost impossible to move, the fronts are tough to move, but will turn begru
  13. Echo Stuarts post. I've just had mine reconditioned by The TR Shop. Took about 6 weeks, however was worth the wait.
  14. I start my auctions at the absolute minimum I'll accept. If it goes for more then it's a bonus. Much easier then faffing around with a reserve and sets a realistic expectation for the buyer. eBay encourages you to start the auction lower to attract bids, which in turn puts money in their pocket.
  15. Thanks guys. Answers all my questions!
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