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  1. Hi all, Thanks for all the replies - the balance seems to be revert to original, just a case of which way is best. Will do so and trust for problem solved. Cheers
  2. April Issue 297 of TR Action carries an article about poor starting associated with braided injector pipes. I fitted Exact branded pipes February 2016 and of late starting has being getting worse and worse - in fact exactly as described in the article. Has anyone else found this? John
  3. Thank you - sounds a possible. West Yorkshire
  4. Can anyone help with ideas. When pulling away, especially in 2nd from 1500 - 2000 rpm and when the engine is fully warmed up, the car lurches just as it did when you were learning to drive and had no clutch control. All that has happened of late that I can think of is re- conditioned fuel metering unit fitted and a Remington TR pressure relief valve. Could either of these have anything to do with it, or are there other suggestions. John
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    Thanks everyone - all very helpful
  6. johnroyle


    I need to replace the battery. The maintenance free one recommended by a national chain is only 330 amps starting power, which my man with the spanner says is woefully inadequate - go for 550 ish. What does anyone else use?
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