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  1. Hi Conrad, Could you give me a call on 07305 993165 regarding Header rail. Many Thanks Dave.
  2. Hi, just seen other posts many thanks.
  3. Hi to you both and thanks for getting back. I do have photos and i will try posting them shortly iam not fluent with computers but will do my best. To give you the whole story i purchased this car back in 2007 it was a complete basket case ! The original chassis was rotten and had badly repaired accident damage so i replaced it. The original tub was also in a poor state, and in my opinion was too far gone to repair. At this point i really should have sought the TR Registers advise but didnt. I was offered a very solid tub. I bought it...... problem was, it was from a 4, NOT a 4a . I knew this
  4. Hello all, im new to register.. i have rebuilt my engine and chassis. The body tub needs major work to restore. Any advice on subject greatly appreciated. Dave.
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