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Hamish Roscoe Bought his 1959 TR3A in the summer of 2016 to enjoy classic car and club events motoring. The Revington TR / TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship embodied the spirit of club motorsport and the car had some history of competing in the TR Register events in the 1970’s/80’s before the previous owner toured Europe.

Hamish initially set the car up with safety in mind adding the roll bar, seats with headrests and other motorsport requirements. The car was very mildly tuned in the 1970s and the car competes in class 2a with less than 130bhp/tonne.

2017 saw Hamish join the championship. It was a steep learning curve with a new car and only having 108bhp but after a handful of events finished the year 2nd in class and 10th overall.

2018 saw Hamish fit an uprated front anti roll bar and some more sportier tyres. He swapped the gauze covered inlet trumpets for open ones to gain 8 BHP the most cost effective modification to date, Hamish finished the season 3rd in class and 10th overall.

2019 saw Hamish suffer a couple of frustrating events with an intermittent miss fire that didn’t show up on a rlling road. After changing all things ignition and trying a couple of mechanical and an electric fuel pump the issue was traced to a short length of rubber fuel line under the car that was the culprit. Hamish finished the season a close 2nd in class and 7th overall.

2020 will see Hamish compete with a new differential ratio and a plate type Limited Slip Diff, this means learning the driving characteristics of the car all over again. He may also take to the track with a newly refurbished but original steel hardtop in some events.

Hamish videos many of his runs and paddock views and these can be seen on youtube

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