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14 April 2019

Report by Richard Durrant

Hosted by the MAC at Curborough Sprint Course just north of Lichfield, this was

the first event of 2019 for the Revington TR/TR Register Sprint and Hill Climb

Championship – and the first time out this year for me.

On my first visit to Curborough a couple of years ago I made fastest time of the

day by accidentally omitting the figure of eight part of the course – I now use

the satnav, but am much slower! Today my best time was four seconds slower

than my last visit to Curborough in August last year, which can't all be down to

the cold track, especially as all four of my times were within one second, and

most other competitors managed to improve in the afternoon. Perhaps the

right ankle needs to be a bit more flexible.....

Off with the hair shirt and on with the woolly undies – it was really cold, and

the day got colder!!

Tom Boyd of TR Enterprises delivered the car for me so in compensation I

allowed him to take a few action pictures with my camera – I now intend to

sell the camera to him for a good price in return for the TR Enterprises


I really must get a trailer....

Tom had to leave (in sympathy...?!!) after my first practice, and Meg had to stay

to drive the support vehicle home at the end of the day. At least she had a

warm car to sit in.....

There were ten entries in our class:

....I was first out and set a very slow pace....!!

Chris Roberts TR8

Hamish Roscoe TR3A

I was 0.25 seconds faster than Hamish here at Curborough last August; Today

Hamish was 0.4 seconds faster than then, and I was over four seconds slower.

Suggestions on a £20 note please!!

Dale Strachan TR6

Robert MacGregor Dolomite Sprint

Derek Pywell Spitfire 1500

It really was cold!!

Nick Smith TR6

John Weedon TR4

Last year's Champion Martin Paine, but no picture of his TR6....

With his back to us talking to Chris Roberts from Tewkesbury, Martin was last

arrival having driven up from Lower Slaughter, so I failed to get a picture of his

car on my first paddock stroll!

Steve Small

Slightly modified TR7 V8......!!

Steve was determined to cross the line at over 100mph. Always entertaining,

he made 103mph and disappeared at the finish in a cloud of rubber smoke

with two wheels on the grass!!

And now a few action shots taken by Tom Boyd with my camera (which I am

now going to sell to him!). But I don't think that TR Enterprises should set up a

motor sport photography service......!!

Philip Stader. Very quick Alfa Berlina 1750. But then Philip is very quick

whatever he drives...!!

Off the Line:

Chris Roberts

Hamish Roscoe

Richard Durrant

And a few more of me at assorted places on the course.

And then we all went home to get warm!

Richard Durrant

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