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The second year of this now annual meeting hosted around 140 cars competing in 18 classes, including.....

Our Revington TR/TR Register Championship Class had the largest entry of the meeting.....

......and after two practice and two timed runs on this 1000 yard hill....

.....times were recorded between approximately 35 and 45 seconds, with the majority being around 40 – 43 seconds.

The day started at around 7:00 am with slight rain, but this had cleared up well before the first practice runs after scrutineering, meaning that most competitors were careful on their first run in the shaded section between Bottom 'S' and Top 'S'. Afterwards, the track was fine, there were no major incidents and everyone tried for their best time. In fact, the day progressed so well that a number of us had a fifth run which was unfortunately not officially timed, so my best time of the day won't feature in the results....!!!

Our cars were allocated the original "garages" in the paddock, which are a bit of a squeeze....

Looks like Tony and Sam Browne had to use the Dolly's passenger door, and Alan Yeo kept his Vitesse's bonnet up to discourage sneaky snappers from taking photos of his engine.....

The TR's in number order....

John Weedon's TR4

Tom Purves' beautifully prepared TR3A. (The bonnet gaps are fine – I temporarily lowered it to take the photo!)

Richard Durrant's TR4A

The Browne's Dolomite Sprint

CAR 133 – Alan Yeo's Vitesse was last to arrive and the bonnet was raised every time I got near with the camera so you will have to look further for a picture .............!!!

Andrew Bradnum's TR GT6

Stuart Allaway's TR7 in typical pose. Usually there were several bodies around the car, but unfortunately he was unable to post any reasonable times.

Dale Strachan's TR6

Hot Shot Nick Smith's TR6. All Nick's times were under 40 seconds

Martin Paine's TR6

Chris Roberts' TR8

Even hotter footwear Steve Small's TR7 V8 posting the best time in our class of 34.67 seconds over the line at 95 mph!

Steve Small says:" Its been my goal since the rebuild to beat Hugh's target times, this is 3rd time at Shelsley and lm just 0.17 sec off the bogey, FYI 83 mph into esses and 95mph at the finish." And here's a link to the in car filming:

Another picture posed next to a lovely Aston Martin which has one third of the capacity of Steve's TR7......and which wasn't quite as fast!

You know what happens when a bonnet goes up after a run....

The Dolly's brakes were sticking there were lots of suggestions and hands on help (mainly Alan Yeo) and the problem, although not completely solved was sorted sufficiently for Tony and Sam to continue with timed runs. Tony managed times just over 40 seconds at over 70 mph over the line, so there is hope for the future...!!

Sam denied all responsibility...

....then went on to complete a couple of runs

It would have been interesting to see this tackle the hill...

Not an Austin Seven in sight, but here's a picture from the last meeting at Shelsley....!!

Another excellent meeting put on by the Midland Automobile Club, enjoyed by all us TR pedallers....Thank you!

Richard Durrant

TR Register Cotswold Vale Group

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