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The last meeting of the season at Prescott hosted as usual our American visitors who brought an impressive selection of cars and motorbikes, a number of which attacked the hill alongside regular competitors.

There was music for everyone’s taste all weekend, provided that you like rock’n’roll, the stilt walkers changed outfits several times and the showgirls were reduced to only four long legs between them!

Unfortunately no Wall of Death this year, but there was a children’s play area with blow up slide and roundabouts which didn’t seem to attract much custom.

Alongside all of this there was a full programme of competition on the hill.

Your reporter, Richard Durrant (TR4A)

Off the line…

… to Ettores bend…

…..and exiting Ettores before heading for Pardon hairpin…

All action picture credits to David Roberts – I claim more coverage as I am writing the report!!

The Revington TR/TR Register Championship (Class TRR) fielded one of the largest entries (17) of the season – (that’s numeric – I wouldn’t like to comment on the overall weight of the drivers!)

Roger McEwen contemplating the years that have passed since he first entered hill climbing here at Prescott 20 years ago….

Nostalgia personified….!

TRR competitors lined up in the paddock….

Chris Smith and Julian Webb’s TR3A

Tom Purves’ beautifully presented TR3A. Good to see it back in competition after the total burn out last season – it’s a bit quicker, too…!!

…..and here it is with a surprise visitor, Cotswold Vale Group member Dave McHattie, who noticed the car in a CVTR newsletter report.

Dave restored the car as an American import and it eventually found it’s way to Tom. The initial correspondence between Dave and Tom can be found in the CVTR September newsletter.

Kevin Bryant appropriately attired for his drive to Prescott with the top off his TR3A

More of Kev later ...

Then scrutineering got under way – something to do with Weber jet chamber lids not being wired down – for the third time of asking. Actually, Terry is always very friendly and helpful but hadn’t got any locking wire with him.

Nick Smith’s TR6. Fourth in class

Dale Strachan’s TR6

Dale Huxford’s MkIV Spitfire. Third in class

Andrew Bradnum’s potent Mk3 GT6

Rob Welch’s 2.5Pi

Roger McEwen’s TR6 Pi – known as “The Witch”

Martin Paine setting up his TR6 for the exit from Ettores bend.

Martin is already winner of the TRR Championship (again!) with one event left to go at Castle Combe…..! Congratulations Martin!!

Adrian Pearson’s TR7

Stuart Alloway’s TR7

Larry Jeram-Croft’s 3960cc TR7 V8. Second in Class.

Rod Warner’s 3500cc TR7 V8. First in Class

Chris Roberts’ TR7V8 ...

… on his way to losing a slight argument with the Armco on the uphill stretch before Pardon hairpin!

Kev Bryant put on an understeering demonstration for our entertainment on the exit from Ettores bend….

Quote by David Roberts – who took all the previous action shots –

“Well held Sir!!”


Well done everybody, but please note that above times will be calculated by the TRR Championship algorithm against class bogey times.

So, recalling that the commentator at Shelsley Walsh a couple of weeks back thought that I was suffering from slight clutch slip on up changes – he was right! The slip got progressively worse through two practice and two timed runs until any application of torque resulted in no drive!

Thankfully, I managed to get home at less than 2000 rpm.

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