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​Company No. 01499634

Following the decision at the 2023 AGM held on 16 April 2023, the TR Owners Club Ltd will adopt, in their entirety, the Model Articles for Private Companies Limited by Guarantee as issued and updated by the British Government’s agency Companies House. These will replace the previous ‘Articles of Association’ in their entirety.

The Model Articles for Private Companies Limited by Guarantee can be found here: Model articles

Furthermore, the 2023 AGM decided to adopt the TR Register Administration Policy document to instruct the day to day running of the club which includes all the club specific clauses (presented unchanged) that have been written into the previous ‘Articles of Association’.

The TR Register Administration Policy, as amended by the 2023 AGM, can be found here: TR Register Administration Policy

It is recognised that the above TR Register Administration Policy contains paragraphs that were 'cut and paste' from the previous articles and therefore contains some inconsistencies and drafting errors which will be subject of a review during 2023/4 and any necessary revisions proposed to the 2024 AMM in the form of a resolution, subject to a 75% majority vote, in accordance with the above policy and within the legal framework of the above Model Articles.