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Well didn't we have an absolutely splendid time at Llandow circuit.  Ok, it can be a bit of a hike to get there it being about 20 minutes west of Cardiff.  But what a delight it was.  

I don't know how but it seemed to suit the variety of cars who attended, from the various V8 monsters to the 998cc mini and everything in between.  I was lucky enough to not only drive another TR3A, but also a Lotus Elan.  

Neil Rolls's powder blue TR3A is such a different drive to my own yellow TR3A it's hard to believe they were the same model let alone marque.  The Lotus Elan had a crunchy gearbox so i never felt at home in that nimble little number.  

David Piper drove 80 minutes just to spectate and see what went on on a track day.  Both myself and Neil offered him a number of passenger laps.  I think we got him hooked and look forward to seeing him in his very nice TR4 on a track sometime soon.

All in all a great day.  On a track day you are not racing, but you can have a lot of fun driving you car much faster than you would on the road and in a much safer environment.  No lorries, no street furniture, nothing coming the other way and a team of marshals to ensure everyone drives responsibly.  If you've been thinking about a track day, stop it.  Book the next TR Register track day and go enjoy yourself.

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