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TR Track Day, Starter Experience at North Weald, Epping, 5 July 2019

With this event we are aiming to cast the net wider and encourage you to either share the pleasure of driving your TR or to take your TR onto the track.

Whilst our regular track days are mostly held at motor racing circuits, our North Weald Experience Day on the 5th of July is predominately directed towards novices, those who have never tried one of our events and, just as importantly, those who are not sure that a track day is 'their sort of thing' and need persuading otherwise!

Held in the wide-open environment of an aerodrome, safely segregated from the aeroplanes, the event offers the chance to explore both your abilities and your TR's handling under the watchful eye of performance driving instructors. No special equipment or helmets are required, just enthusiasm and a TR. Priced at £ 60.00 with second drivers and passengers free of charge, the event presents an inexpensive, fun and sociable day out.

Numbers are restricted to just twenty-three for the day, and with each exercise being undertaken by just one car at a time the risk to both vehicle and driver is minimised. At the start of the day cars will be tested for exhaust noise, with the limit set at 105db measured with the car stationary and at 75% of maximum revs; this is very, very loud, so unless your car is routinely mistaken for a passing Vulcan bomber drivers of road cars should have no concerns!

North Weald aerodrome is very close to Harlow, and just a mile or two from the M11, so is readily reached from most areas.

After an optional visit to the onsite catering bus, the day proper commences with a group introduction and an explanation of the day's activities, the first of which will be the high-speed bend. You will be encouraged to approach the bend at ever increasing speed (measured with a radar gun) until you reach or exceed the limit of road-holding. Eventually this exercise may lead to a disorientating but harmless spin on the open tarmac, after which the instructor will offer advice, encouraging words, and send you back out to put your newly found knowledge to the test before progressing onto the next exercises.

Confidence in both your own abilities and the potential of your car will grow as the event proceeds, and you will be ready to try your skills on the two circuits formed of cones that will be set-up for the final portion of the day. A hint of competition enters these last activities as your 'laps' will be timed; in previous years we have witnessed intense rivalries ferment, particularly when a car is shared between husband and wife, or between father and son! As only one car is in action at any time there will be a few moments to chat and compare notes with your fellow participants before your next chance to get it just right.

Clearly, we hope that the Starter Experience day will give you the confidence and desire to try a full track day sometime soon, but even if you decide not to take it any further you will still find it to be an very entertaining and friendly day out and are certain to come away from North Weald having learnt lots of new skills.

All of this is great fun, but of course is designed to give you the confidence to come away from the day with new skills and book your first track day. It is therefore intended for TRACK DAY FIRST TIME & NOVICE DRIVERS ONLY. No experience is required. No helmets are required. Just you and your TR

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