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John’s career as a chartered surveyor enabled him to indulge in his love of motorsports, at first rallying a mini, but now more recently (well for the last 30 years actually) sprinting and hillclimbing.

He has been our championship champion twice before in 2010 and 2014 and is keenly seeking his hattrick having come second by just one tenth of a point in 2019. However, perhaps is proudest achievement being that through his enthusiasm his son Jonathan also enjoys sprinting and racing.

John purchased is current car, a 1963 TR4 in 2016 after a total rebuild by the previous owner. He has since done a certain amount of tinkering, ie changed the camshaft and raised the compression ratio to 10:1; changed the chokes in the Webers to 38mm; enabled the overdrive to operate in 2nd gear; lowered the suspension together with negative camber; larger front anti roll bar; Red Stuff brake pads; and finally, John changed the tyres to Toyos which believes delivered by far the biggest improvement.

John competes in Class 2B

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