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This was a special weekend for Shelsley Walsh, the oldest motor sport venue in the world still running it's original course, as on Sunday12th August it became 113 years old!

On 12th August 1905 with an entry of 39 cars, Ernest Instone took his 35HP Daimler with three passengers on board up the hill to set best time of day of 77.6 seconds. The current record time, set on 17th August 2008 by Martin Groves in the 3,500 cc Gould GR55 is 22.58 seconds!

I have heard Shelsley referred to as "Formula One up a country lane"!!!

The Revington TR/TR Register Sprint and Hill Climb Championship was held on Saturday 11th, and Martin could possibly do a fast run and get back down in the time that it took us to get to the top!! In fact the best time of day was put in by Will Hall in the 1998 cc turbo Force XTEC at 25.13 seconds.

Our fastest time was set by Alan Yeo in his 1998 cc normally aspirated Triumph Vitesse at 41.16 seconds!!

The TR Entrants – in the Orchard as the paddock was full to overflowing!

They were...

Chris Roberts TR7 V8....

complete with experimental forced air intake which was surprisingly still in place at the end of the day!

Roger McEwen TR6....

Roger meditating before putting up the second fastest run of 42.26 seconds

Martin Paine TR6...

Requiring electrical fiddling after blowing a coil..

Dale Strachan TR6....


Neil Revington "Beta"

(That is of course a Birmingham registration number and not a play on words.....!!)

Richard Durrant TR4A......

Bonnet propped open to ease cooling air flow. Accepted by scrutineer, but he insisted that I bolt my seat down more rigidly (must check MSA regs re road car) and change lap straps around to put buckle underneath (sensible to avoid possibility of undoing with enthusiastic wheel turning) . Also said that the belt stitching should be underneath but "let it pass, provided I sorted before next visit". We all checked our belts to find the stitching uppermost - as provided by the manufacturers!!!

Hamish Roscoe TR3A...

Sponsoring Pancreas Cancer Charity..

Alan Yeo Vitesse...

Fastest time of our entries at 41.16 seconds

Although Richard's published time was fourth fastest at 42.92 seconds, use of Roger's magic algorithm against his Championship bogey time put him in second place behind Alan in class for this event.

Our Saturday was spoiled as we were scheduled to be last of the day for our second timed runs and had to wait in the queue for the start for around 20 minutes while a white van went up the hill to set up cameras for the demonstration of the Jaguar Formula E car. Dry conditions turned to drizzle and then rain so the runs were pointless, and we all went home afterwards, and didn't stay to watch.

Here is the car anyway...

Richard Durrant

16 August 2018

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