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Hi Keith, 

What a great find and thanks for sharing. I don’t know the car but used to know that Lochaernhead Hotel well back in the early 80’s, Ewen Cameron owned and ran it, he also used to win the caber tossing every year at the Highland Games and he ‘invented waterskiing’ in Scotland .......I used to go out with his daughter, who was terrific fun.... That’s quite another story (that will never be told)..... You cheered up my Monday working from home office in January with Bringing back some wonderful memories though...

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No idea on either... Perhaps the current custodian will be along on here shortly?


If you really want to find out the original couple then the Cameron family would be the best place to begin... The film is pretty clearly a subtle (albeit maybe not by 1950’s standards?) piece of well made marketing to showcase what the region had to offer and the families- well earned - standing in the community with the hotel and associated activities firmly at the centre.

 The couple in the car would undoubtedly have been very well ‘connected’ and well to do...... you’ll enjoy working it all out?!

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1 hour ago, RogerH said:

It is quite likely, considering the film quality (expense), that the couple were in fact actor/actress.  It must have cost a pretty penny in film/processing alone.



Ha Roger, I did briefly consider that. However, discounted basis the peripheral evidence available.......

  1. The couple are just too ‘comfortable’ in the car.. eg the lady knows exactly when and where to hang on.... and how to open the door getting out! etc
  2. Knowing a bit about the family and therefore, with the utmost respect....... They NEVER would have considered paying actors when they could get the real deal for free!
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