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I am in the processof removing the engine from my TR3a to deal with a significant leak from rear of the engine. (exact cause yet to be determined).

I have noticed that I have a number of small leaks from the gearbox, nothing major but it probably makes sense to deal with them while the engine & box are out of the car.

The first is the rear seal that was only replaced last year and is already leaking again - is there a better part out there and how easy is it to remove the rear flange and remove it?

The second is from the selector forks - again nothing major but is there a fix?  The O rings were replaced last year.

Rgds Ian

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Hi Ian,

it would appear that my PM box was also chock-a-block (ooops!!).

If you have an OD then it is pretty easy to split the GB ad OD abd replace the gasket and sealant.  Check the adaptor plate for cracking and flatness.

Is your OD operating shaft leaking (the one with the rigging arm) apparently there is a Q seal that will fit.

Have you got the 1/8" breather hole (and split pin) in the front lefthand corner.



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Hi Ian

It can be done certainly partially but may be not totally! I did this two years ago, encouraged by RogerH.

The operation requires some method, so start at one end and work towards the other....If necessary consider the use of a speedi sleeve if the output pinion shaft is worn. Tidy up the housings where oil seals fit - the most minor of burrs will create a leak. Don’t forget to change the seals on the selector shafts, a fiddle, with varying results but probably worth it. 
The one seal that is very difficult to close totally is the adaptor plate twixt box and overdrive, apparently it warps or becomes deformed somehow

Lots of info on the forum as to suppliers and the goo to use



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Sorry if I didn't make myself clear, the leak is from the rear oil seal at the output end of the overdrive.  There are no leaks between the O/D and the gearbox.

The other leak is from the selector rods.

Rgds Ian

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