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Now that I am at the reassembly stage of my 5 project I thought that the original ring binder parts catalogue may be useful as a definitive guide for parts identification if needed, as i assumed that this is what the Moss book was based on. First occasion was yesterday when i found a small bracket in with my bag of dash switches and rheostat bezels. Looked in the original parts book and there was no sign of the bracket at all.


Looked in the Moss catalogue and there it was, item 78, part number 621794.


So just to check I looked up the part number in the numerical index in the original list and still no mention!

Is this an instance when the repro is better than the original?


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Writing catalogues also means knowing the cars thoroughly.

We also forget to include items....The Spitfire catalogue almost got to press without the water pump!

The current Moss TR2-4A web catalogue is missing a picture of 602078 the screws that hold the original aeroscreens to the dash top - they are listed in the text only of the printed catalogues.

I cannot recall where the part number 621794 came from, probably the 'Leyland Kit Book' which lists all the sub assembly parts for things like the fully finished and assembled wooden dash (also things like the crown wheel and the pinion as separate items - really helpful when seeking drawings to remanufacture)

Peter W

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Hi Tim , I used the Stanpart Original Parts Book to great effect, when rebuilding,  great indexes and information. 

You have done well to find that anomaly,  shows to what extent you are going to, it has to be done  !

Keep up the good work,  

Cheers Conrad. 

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