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rubber covers to headlight backs

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I'm fitting LED headlight bulbs and day running lights to my TR6. When I took the installed units out, they had rubber covers over the bulb holders but these are not shown on any of the repair manuals or parts catalogues. the supplier of the LED headlights advises not to fit these rubber covers as they are only to protect the headlights whilst in transit.

It's quite tight for the LED headlight unit and pilot light (day running light) installation/wiring in the headlamp surround and the rubber cover compounds that problem. Does anyone have experience on whether the rubber cover is important, or can be excluded?




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I have just fitted LED headlamps to my TR6, following a dreadful late night drive in heavy rain. The H4 lamps fitted easily but the control box would not go into the bowl with the rubber dust covers still in place, so I removed them. My only concern is that the control box and/or the LED holder will get too hot. I tried to find a way to mount the control box remotely but found nothing elegant. 

Time will tell....


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Some LED kits separate so that the “bulb” body mounts to the lamp, the rubber cover slips on and the back of the bulb then passes through the rubber cover and locks in.

This way the bulky heat sink is clear of the cover.

This caused me to have a strange beam pattern as the two parts of the LED bulb can be connected together 180 degrees out, unlike a conventional H4 which is a one way only.


The LEDs are way better than conventional halogen bulbs but those on the 4a are not a patch on the 35w HIDs on the 6.

LEDs have come on considerably over past couple of years and will probably overtake the performance of HIDs before long. Will the MOT rules catch up in the way they have for HIDs? However as an MOT is no longer required for many of our cars....


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