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  1. From their website: National Travel Survey data collection consists of a face-to-face interview and a 7 day self-completed written travel diary, allowing travel patterns to be linked with individual characteristics. The survey covers travel by people in all age groups, including children. Approximately 16,000 individuals in 7,000 households in England, participate in the survey each year. Sounds a bit more work than a guess, I guess. Mick
  2. Rob, I found this data from the National Travel Survey. https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/nts03-modal-comparisons. These data are from NTS0307: These data give credence to the assertion that EV do not need long range. It is worse than I thought, with 25% less than one mile, 68% less than 5 miles. Only 1% of journeys are over 100miles. For that 1%, rapid charging facilities are essential. However, for 99%, charging can either be low rate at everywhere the car is parked for hours at a time (home or work) or get a rapid charge once per week. Mick
  3. I read recently that 25% of all car journeys in the UK are less than 1 mile, utter nonsense. We need more than an EV revolution we need to walk more and drive less. Mick
  4. Yep, and that makes it harder to read on any mobile device. It just depends upon the audience you are trying to communicate with. Mick
  5. including arms and shoulders. I was amazed at the difference going back to 165s, so much nicer to drive. Mick
  6. I am going to guess that this is deliberate so that across multiple social scenes from different groups it maintains the same look and feel across the whole website. Wayne would probably describe this as professional. This is achieved by maintaining the same font and font size. You can highlight parts of the text using bold or italics. As the website is also adaptive, this helps maintain readability on different devices. The same text input screen is used for events and other parts of the website, more consistency. Mick
  7. As it was a clear, sunny but cold day, I took my TR3 out for a short drive though some country lanes as it had not moved for a few weeks. Lovely drive and the car went well and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Came home, put the car in the garage and made a cup of tea. 30 mins later came out to close the garage door to find one rear tyre completely flat. Took the wheel off, inspected the tyre to find a large thorn imbedded in the tread. My local tyre shop in the village, said they could not remove the tyre to swap the inner tube (I had a spare) as it is a wire wheel and it was too risky to use their t
  8. Hi Rich, can you still get at the rear bearing on the dynamo to lubricate it? I read on this forum years ago that the rear bearing is the biggest weakness of the dynamo so needs regular lubrication. Mick
  9. You can still buy a Triplex windscreen, which was original fitment from Triumph. According to Triplex they are still made on the original tooling so fit, unlike some cheap repro screens. I fitted a Triplex one 4 years ago but used a seal from Rimmers, bad idea. I then bought one from Moss. Don't buy cheap and regret it for years. Mick
  10. There were three different standards of high speed charging plug in the early days (Tesla, Nissan, CCS). Fortunately in Europe, CCS has now been adopted across all manufacturers for new cars and chargers. However, the need for different apps persists which is nonsense. Should all be contactless via card or phone as the cost is relatively low. Mick
  11. The production of green hydrogen from renewable energy is still in its infancy (less than 5% of all hydrogen) and not very efficient nor are small fuel cells. From renewable electricity to hydrogen and back to electricity is about 50% round trip efficiency according to one report I read recently. This would compare to 90-95% for Li-ion battery storage on the same round trip basis. Mick
  12. Wayne put a link to the forum right at the top of the page in the red header. Mick
  13. Yep, Hall 5. see you there. Mick
  14. Hi Jerry, The club did buy a TR7 head removal tool in 2019. It is located at Didcot and can be borrowed by members. Please contact the office to enquire about it. Not being familiar with it I don't know if the same tool suits both the standard and sprint head. If you don't know, then I suggest you contact Wayne press@tr-register.co.uk or Phil Horsley grinnallregistrar@tr-register.co.uk as they know just about everything!! Mick
  15. I agree. I had a number electronic related incidents with a Peugeot 605 that came with a job in France. The cruise control would occasionally accelerate the car at full throttle, totally uncomanded. It was a 3L V6 so it went well. Hitting the brakes cancelled it. On other occasions the brake by wire system failed completely so no brakes and a very large red warning sign on the dashboard saying STOP lit up in red. The emergency foot operated brake worked quite well. The car was sent to the dealer numerous times, it was fitted with a laptop in the passenger footwell to log issues for severa
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