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  1. The European Coordinators recently held a meeting via Zoom to discuss this and subsequent European Meetings. We reviewed the bookings taken for the original 2020 UK event and agreed an allocation of the available hotel room capacity for 2021. They matched all too well, with for example all except one team from the UK having re-confirmed their booking. So priority is being given solely to those members from each club who booked for 2020. Therefore, at this time, there are no additional rooms available. I have updated the event on the website: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/event/2021/09/135
  2. That was the view of my late father-in-law as an avid biker his whole life. He was never impressed with Brough Superior; the company or the bikes. Mick
  3. Now we are off topic and talking about insurance claims form, how about an embarrassing story? I used to own a Citroen CX25 and parked it facing uphill on a steep drive next to my house. One morning I opened the drivers door, threw my briefcase towards the passenger seat. It hit the handbrake lever, which released. The car started to accelerate back down the drive, I was till outside the car holding onto the drivers door which was rapidly coming towards me. I went with the car trying to get in it. The door struck a 6inch oak gatepost, which did not flinch, the door folded back into the fr
  4. Mick Forey

    Diff oil

    Stick to EP90 as specified by Triumph. Available everywhere and works well. Mick
  5. On our trip to Nordkapp, Norway in June 2015 in the TR3 we did 3,598 miles in three weeks and averaged 41.09 mpg. A lot of driving in Norway was restricted to 80 or 90 km/hr which helped the fuel consumption. Lots of speed cameras to keep you vigilant as the fines were heavy, as some of the group found out. Mick
  6. Still a pretty impressive achievement. Mick
  7. As requested, the main website Parts Quality page has now been updated to become a page called TR Parts Quality and Supply and includes a link to the new TR SDF website and our own forum: http://www.tr-register.co.uk/pqi https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/forum/56-best-tr-parts-sources/ Mick
  8. Cafe Next Door, Woodhouse Eves after a spirited drive down some empty country lanes. Mick
  9. Which originated on a farm in Kansas and jumped from birds to humans, according to the excellent history documentary programme on it made in 2018, which at the end stated that we at very high risk of another similar pandemic and are not doing enough to be in a good position to manage it. Mick
  10. In our local group we have a growing number of members who have gone over to the dark side. An MG TF, MG M-type and an MG PB. All very concerning. The owner of the TF has seen the light and is in the process of selling it and buying a very nice TR6, from the man who owns the PB. All very incestuous our group with people who swing both ways. Mick
  11. Could be a bearing in the diff, I had a similar noise/vibration under load and a diff rebuild sorted it out. Have you checked the propshaft UJs? Mick
  12. Try contacting Graham Andrews, the V765 officer as he deals with the DVLA regularly and may be able to help or point you in the right direction. v765@tr-register.co.uk Mick
  13. Hi Miles, thank you so much for finding the right newsletters. They certainly covered the miles and stayed in some wonderful places. Mick
  14. Having heard the theory that the small size of the plenum chamber restricts airflow to the rear two cylinders, I bought another plenum, did the split and weld in a patch in mod, and used a BIG K&N filter. Then drove it for a number of years, including some higher altitude trips. I could not tell the difference. Nos 5 & 6 plugs were still the blackest. I got a much bigger effect on engine running by having the MU set up to run correctly and spending time to get the butterflies synchronised. Maybe for normal touring there is no effect, perhaps it is only evident at the limit. Gone back s
  15. My TR3 is LHD as it came back from the USA many years ago. Not a problem driving in the UK and nice when I drive it elsewhere. I would leave it as it is, drive it lots and enjoy it. Mick
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