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  1. I went for SS when I rebuilt my TR6 and not regretted it. Mick
  2. So sad to hear this news, our hearts go out to you and the family. Mick
  3. You are quite right Andy, just like Stratford last year, for each event there will be an organising committee made up of people from both clubs who are charged with making day to day decisions within a budget approved by both clubs. Mick
  4. The conference facility and entertainment space looks very new, perhaps it has just been refreshed to a very high standard. Mick
  5. John, Stafford has changed from "a shed in a field" to a proper showground with excellent facilities similar to that at Malvern. https://www.staffscountyshowground.co.uk/hire-of-facilities/ I dropped by there today to see if the website and reality were the same place, they are. Some facilities are even better than Malvern's particularly the main arena with a covered 600 seat grandstand, wow. Some serious money has been spent on it recently. Some very helpful staff allowed me to wander around despite the showground being closed. Really good camping area with lots of electrical hook-ups, water points, toilet block and showers. Very large car parking and other more natural camping areas. As a bonus, a narrow gauge railway club operates there with a seriously good set-up, something for kids of all ages. I was pleasantly surprised. Mick
  6. A drive around the Staffordshire peaks today, got quite cold and occasionally a bit wet but stopped by Dovedale to be horrified at the density of people and cars at the main car park so turned around stopped elsewhere for a gentleman's rest stop. Thorpe Cloud and Dovedale in the distance.
  7. I never knew it existed, I made my own calibration in the technical forums of whose advice to follow. Mick
  8. The joint announcement of the selection of venues for the next two year's Triumph Weekend is now out: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/article/2020/07/0243/Triumph-Weekend-to-be-held-at-Malvern-and-Stafford-in-202122 As you might imagine it has taken a lot of hard work by a number of people to reach this decision. In particular, Allan Westbury for bringing together TSSC and the TR Register as co-hosts for the next two years, Jo and Wayne for some first class negotiating with Malvern and Chris Gunby with Stafford to get the costs for both venues to be competitive with the other venues being considered. We would also like to thank all members who provided feedback on the choice of venues both historical and potential. Both events will be amazing and we all look forward to welcoming anybody and everybody from the Triumph and Standard world. Mick
  9. Sadly, following consultation with the hotel, it is with great regret that our hosts and organisers the pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club has decided to cancel this year's Standard Triumph picnic. The deposit given by the clubs has been transferred to secure a new date in May 2021. This new date will be advised as soon as possible. Many thanks for your continued understanding and support and we all look forward to next year's Standard Triumph picnic with friends and family. Mick https://www.tr-register.co.uk/event/2020/09/2134/Standard-Triumph-picnic-NEW-DATE
  10. Yes, I attended an environment conference a number of years ago and some speakers were very scathing of the benefits if you look at the issue holistically including conflict of land and water usage. The USA drove the widespread use of ethanol from a security of energy supply stance, not environmental, blinkered environmentalists jumped on the bandwagon and now we have got it whether it does anything for the planet or not. Mick
  11. I fitted a Sparkrite 2000 electronic ignition to my TR6 in 1982/3 and it is still working. It uses the existing points as the trigger but with only a small current so the points last for years and years. Great value for money. I have had a Pertronix hall effect sensor on my TR3 for the last 7 years, still working. Mick
  12. It made the 10 o'clock news on BBC 1 last evening. A sad passing as he was a superb musician but long gone. Mick
  13. You are correct when thinking about ethanol attacking rubber seals. Seals and pipes should be replaced with the correct ethanol proof seal if you start to get a problem. Not sure any additive helps with this issue, there is no claim that Ethomix does anything for seals and fuel lines. However, the biggest issue I observed was the brown sludge in the fuel lines, filters, carbs and tank in Spring. This is caused by the absorption of water by the ethanol and then separating out over time. Apart from the direct clogging issue, I also observed poor starting in Spring before I started to use Ethomix or its predecessor a few years ago. I don't see this brown sludge anywhere near as much during the summer. Mick
  14. I have used this one from Frost: https://www.frost.co.uk/ethomix-corrosion-inhibitor-additive-ethanol-protection/ for the winter layup. Don't bother with it in summer as the fuel does not have time to degrade if you drive your TR regularly. Notice this one is endorsed by the FBHVC, they tested quite a range of additives and endorsed about 4 of them. Mick
  15. Tim, the small screw on the back adjusts the end float on the bearing, not the zero. It is easy to remove the ammeter, strip it on a bench, clean off all the Araldite, adjust the small screw to get the needle to move freely without play, then carefully bend the needle to set the zero, reassemble and install. It is a very simple gauge to sort out. Mick
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