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  1. Interestingly complaints about the OTT coverage broke all records with over 110,000 complaints logged. The most common issue was that the BBC broadcast the same coverage on all radio and TV stations at the same time. Saturation and no choice. Just one TV and one radio station would have been more appropriate for 24/7 coverage plus news on the others. Mick
  2. Great memories of the trip and a fitting tribute to your dad. Loved the flat cap held on with string! Mick
  3. Sadly, I have just received the following update: Dear Car Club Organisers I am immensely disappointed and very sorry to have to let you know that new guidance was issued by government yesterday- Tuesday 6 April - which contradicts the previous position that spectators would be permitted at non-elite sport events from Step Two of the roadmap (12 April onwards). As a result of yesterday's announcement, the 2021 Donington Historic Festival can now only be run behind closed doors, with only essential personnel attending. Whilst outdoor attractions like zoos and theme parks can reop
  4. Ralph, make sure it is very lightweight. I had a terrifying experience of towing a not-so-lightweight caravan down to Cornwall with my TR6 in the late '80s. No problem with power going uphill but on the steep downhill stretches of the A38, the caravan wanted to be in front. Relieved to get home and never towed it again with the TR. Mick
  5. In the news again: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56180921 Mick
  6. Apparently, there has been a bit of confusion over how to book ticket to ensure you get both an entrance ticket AND the infield parking pass. DHF have kindly provided the following info specific to us. Mick TR Register 2021 club booking procedure .docx
  7. They should have left it alone, it would be more "valuable", certainly more comfortable. Why fit all that bling? I think I may have lost the plot, upgrades are the classic car equivalent of an SUV - pointless but sell well to the gullible and make loads of money for the manufacturers. Mick
  8. As I drive one of each, I have compared their characteristics over many trips and thousands of miles. The TR3 feels like an old car, the body roll, cut down doors and exposure to side winds gives you a greater sense of the road and environment. However, the lower weight gives it agility and the lower power and torque does not give noticeable poorer acceleration. It is smooth, quiet and comfortable for long distance touring. I chose not to upgrade the suspension as I like the old car feel. The TR6 feels much more like a modern car, tighter in the bends, it behaves and sounds like a hairy, macho
  9. A brief update. DHF has issues the attached COVID guidelines for this event. Please note there is no access to the paddock, pits or garages this year to reduce the concentration of people in these usually busy areas. In past years, the Leicestershire TR Group have provided a gazebo, tea, coffee etc. for members but will not be doing so this year but some of our members will still be in the TR reserved parking area to welcome you to the event. I will be there on the Saturday. There will be some food take-away vans etc. on-site but bringing a picnic might be a good idea. See you at Doningto
  10. A spirited drive down some country lanes, a pleasant walk around the grounds of Calke Abbey and an ice cream, all in glorious sunshine, spring is here. Mick
  11. A Sparrow Hawk in action. Mick
  12. I bought a mains Dremel 25+ years ago and have used it extensively for general household stuff and aero-modelling in metal, wood, glass and carbon fibre. Brilliant bit of kit, worth every penny. It came as a kit with flexible extension, chuck and loads of tools and cutters. If I was buying one today, a Li-Ion would be more portable. Mick
  13. Yes, Allan Westbury's TR7 failed its MOT on a number of things including LED headlamps. He has replaced them with halogen for the re-test. Mick
  14. I rebuilt my TR3 engine in Spring 2020 and then drove it 500 miles. I then took Mick's advice, but started by marking where the nuts were, backed them off one flat and retorqued them. I was amazed that some only rotated back to their original position but others went 1-2 flats beyond when pulling on the torque wrench in a single slow smooth action. Definitely worth doing then give it a good long drive to dry out the condensation. Mick
  15. I wonder if the classic car community, led by the FBHVC, could put a case together to object to this new rule as it can be shown to reduce road safety. LEDs that are fully compliant to the beam quality requirements should be OK, those cheap and nasties that are not should be an MOT failure. Was this just laziness on the part of the DVSA? Mick
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