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  1. Mick Forey

    Her first start

    A squirt of something highly inflammable into the butterflies whilst cranking can also start the whole process. I use this recently on a 125 Suzuki that had not run for a long time. I found a can of carb cleaner, it worked a treat. This was after two days of intermittent of cranking including jump starting it from my Volvo which did not produce a cough or splutter. Mick
  2. Mick Forey

    Her first start

    Hi Waldi, Some nice fresh petrol also helps. Good luck. Mick
  3. The TR Register will again be at the Donington Historic Festival. As we are a registered club a 50% discount applies to all tickets bought with the club specific discount code. A further Earlybird discount is also applicable for any tickets bought before 31 January 2019. Use the TR Register discount code found here: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/event/2019/05/1447/TR-Register-at-Donington-Historic-Festival Follow the link to the members only section to get the club code and to buy tickets. As Donington Park is now owned by MSV, you need an account with them. A bit of a faff but you get there in the end. There is no need to submit a photo of your car. The Leicestershire TR Group will be there serving any TR Register members tea and coffee, see you there. Mick
  4. Mick Forey

    Where do you look on the forum?

    I first check PMs, respond to them. Then click unread content and scan for anything interesting. Every week or so I mark the whole forum as read to clear out old stuff from unread content. I use both my desktop and phone. Phone is a pain at times but OK to read but dislike posting from it. Mick
  5. Mick Forey

    Cheap PRV

    My original fitment Lucas fuel pump failed in 2007 (whilst touring in Greece) so I fitted a Bosch kit but left the original PRV installed. It still works well after 130,000 miles and 46 years so I think the design and build quality are quite good. Mick
  6. Mick Forey


    Having been through this experience with my TR3 radiator, I elected to have mine rebuilt with a new core and a strengthened joint where the long neck joins the top chamber. That joint was where mine was leaking. It has been watertight now for 4 years. If you go the new radiator route, I will bet you have to fix it within a few years, they are inherently weak. If you are having the radiator rebuilt they can fit brackets for the electric fan at the same time, much better than ties or a stand alone bracket. Had this done on my TR6 radiator, they worked so well I wish I had thought of it during the TR3 rad rebuild. Mick
  7. Mick Forey

    Offer of new / re-cored radiator

    My radiator's lower seam unzipped whilst at the Le Mans Classic a few years ago. I found a local industrial/commercial radiator company who rebuilt it for me by taking it all apart fitting a new higher capacity core and then rebuilding it with some fittings for the electric fan. I gladly paid the 250Euros and it has worked well since. The one you have been offered sounds a much better quality item that a "new" one. Mick
  8. Mick Forey

    What gearbox oil?

    I use straight SAE30, it works well. SAE30 and EP80 have the same viscosity but SAE30 does not have the Extreme Pressure additives which is needed for diffs etc. The additives are not required nor are good for overdrives. Mick
  9. Mick Forey


    Welcome to the forum. Assuming it is a UK car then the original spec was a 165/80 R15 tyre. A Michelin XAS was fitted from new. There is some useful advise in the video: https://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/classic-car-tyres/triumph/tr6.html#page=1 Mick
  10. Mick Forey

    Which Camshaft?

    I used a Piper 3TY spec. which was described as a high torque or a mild road cam for my TR3. I think the BP270 is the rough equivalent. I am very happy with it. Loads of good torque for touring and seems to go well in an otherwise standard engine with 86mm piston/liners. Mick
  11. Mick Forey

    TRGB Fuel Pump Kit Installation

    I saw a TR6 being restored by TRGB and the kit was installed in the wheel arch and looked very neat and would operate much cooler than in the boot. Touring in Spain earlier this year, we had a number of PI cars with over-heated Bosch fuel pumps - it was 38C. So i would recommend following their instructions (once you get them). Mick
  12. Mick Forey

    Inertial Reel Seatbelts

    Hi Bruce, Rather than drift this thread please see: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/event/2020/09/1352/UK-European-Meeting-September-2020 If you want to know more or if you want to help then please send me a pm. Thanks, Mick
  13. Mick Forey

    Inertial Reel Seatbelts

    My December '72 CR car has the inertia reel location points but it took some serious digging to find them, even when I knew where to look. Never been used before and well covered up by layer upon layer of underseal. Easier to find from the inside by peeling back the vinyl covering on the wheel arch. Mick
  14. Mick Forey

    There was a glimmer of light

    When I came to the second restoration of my TR6 in 2016, the body shop man found all the appalling bodges I did in 1982, saying things like "who the hell did this?" pointing at large areas of plastic padding and wire mesh in the front apron. I hung my head in shame but then remembered I had no money and it was our only family car and I needed it back on the road asap. Life has changed. New lower apron now fitted. Mick
  15. Mick Forey

    New Member with TR3B project

    Hi David, Silly me. I have just realised that as Gertjan, is the European Coordinator for TR Club Holland, his email is already in the public domain on our website: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/group/tr-club-holland There you go and still compliant to GDPR, phew. Mick

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