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  1. There has been plenty of advise on this forum. I have recently driven through Rotterdam and Northern Germany with no issues. However, the general principle is that across the EU, all historic vehicles from all EU states are exempt from low emission zones throughout the EU. When it gets into the details it can get harder but the overall advise is that any car over 30 years old is exempt so do not try to buy a sticker or permit etc. Take some evidence that your car is more than 30 years old and bluff your way through if in the very unlikely event you get challenged. The police in the UK do not understand such exemptions so I doubt any policeman in the rest of Europe does either. If you are in Germany just keep saying the phrase "Oldtimer" which is the phrase for a historic vehicle. You still have to pay any congestion or road/bridge tolls. Mick
  2. When the main leaf of my rear spring broke, nothing untoward happened, the only clue was an occasional load crack going over a speed bump which lead me to take the wheel off and have a look, glad I did. Not sure how long it was like that but would not fancy going too fast or too far like that. The leaf broke close to the centre so the clips held the spring block together. I had a local spring company make a pair of new main leaves and set the springs up to be the same. Mick
  3. I would swap out the whole distributor for a known good one, preferably standard, from somebody else's working car and give the car a thorough testing. This will eliminate a number of possibilities in one go. Do the same thing with the coil. Good luck, Mick
  4. For a number of years I have tried to use Tesco's Momentum 99 RON fuel whenever I can, my TR6 likes it and I like the price and the points. I would be even happier if it does not contain ethanol. Ethanol is the biggest greenwash ever. How much farmland and precious water worldwide is diverted away from feeding people to produce a rubbish fuel that carries oxygen around and absorbs water? How much primary and secondary rain forest has been burnt down to plant crops for Ethanol or bio-diesel? The primary exponents are the USA and Brazil, the first driven by security of supply for the military and the second by self-sufficiency driven by economics. Need to calm down now....... Can you publish the list from Esso? Mick
  5. I was surprised to hear that Vulco could not help you. My local Vulco in Gourdon, Lot were very knowledgeable and helpful and had a large range of inner tubes in stock. They were recommended to me by the local classic car club. You could try asking any vehicules anciennes car club near you for a similar recommendation. Mick
  6. Hi Leonardo, The Coventry Transport Museum is worth a visit. Whilst you are in Coventry you can stop at the Standard Triumph Club on Herald Ave, Coventry CV5 6UB. It was the social club for the factory workers and is the only remaining building from the factory, you can park outside it. On Herald Avenue, close the the club, is a monument dedicated to the manufacturers and employees. Two good photo opportunities for you. Are you driving to the Triumph Weekend at Stratford? If so, please bring your TR into the arena at about 4.30 on Saturday as we will try to get all the International attendees from both the TR Register and TSSC in the arena at the same time and to say thank you for making the journey we will have a glass of fizz together. I then get to choose the nicest car in the arena and the winner goes home with a trophy. Photo of last year's winner attached. If you are not coming in the TR, then please join us for a glass of fizz anyway. Mick
  7. It is still the best anti-theft device, the harder they try, the more it holds..... Mick
  8. Shame he is a bit confused about where the engine came from. The de Haviland Tiger Moth is powered by a de Haviland Gipsy Major engine, an inverted 4 cylinder, air cooled in-line unit. Inverted as this configuration gets the crankshaft and therefore propeller further away from the ground. 9 cylinder radial engines were produced by a number of manufacturers during WW1 &2. I will put my anorak away, sit back and admire the cars. Mick
  9. Thanks for the info, a great recommendation. This garage is listed in the TR Register European Breakdown Directory both the existing version here: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/past-issue/2015/08/0054/European-Breakdown-Directory and in the update that is currently being compiled. A very useful document to take with you or use on-line. Personally I have downloaded the pdf onto my phone, it works brilliantly. We are working with the other TR and Triumph clubs across Europe on an update which we hope will be made available as an on-line web search tool. Mick
  10. Hi Roger, I know the leaking brake reservoir problem well, I fitted three new master cylinders and reservoirs in 2 months until I got one that did not leak, it is still on the car. I was told repeatedly that it was a batch problem. I agree, this sounds like adjustment or a tolerance build up issue. Mick
  11. Hi Roger, sounds like it is still a problem or is it just old stock still coming through the system. Mick
  12. Mine is exactly as you wish to have yours. The plate is thin aluminium does not rock about or rattle. Held onto the bumper with two small bolts. Mick
  13. There are a few places left on the TR Tours trip to the west coast of Scotland. We already have 11 cars booked so if you would like to join us then have a look here: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/event/2019/09/1420/TR-Tours-to-Scotland-September-2019. This tour immediately follows the Bo'ness Revival and TR Register Scottish Weekend, https://www.tr-register.co.uk/event/2019/08/1428/TR-Register-Scottish-Weekend-2019-in-association-with-the-Boness-Revival which has a attracted a lot of bookings across all of the Triumph clubs. TS2 will be doing the Saltire Trophy which is a historic rally on the Saturday. There are lots of TR Register members entered for the alternative, more gentle, road tour to the Jim Clark museum at Duns, including Linda and I in our TR6. Mick
  14. Neil, Did you raise a PQI form so that Roger and team can investigate it? https://www.tr-register.co.uk/pqi. If so, what was the result? Mick
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