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  1. My new kitchen extension had 100mm PIR on the structural slab and 25mm round the perimeter, 20mm water pipes clipped to the insulation, then a 70mm screed, adhesive and porcelain tiles. It has a independent control system for that room with the air temp set at 21C, with 0.5C hysteresis and a control logic to stop overshoots. The water temperature is set to 32C. The floor surface temperature is typically 28C. Comfortable yet controllable. I have set up stand alone temperature monitoring for air and floor temperature. The kitchen has large patio doors facing South and East. It responds well if a
  2. At least one on-line daily has picked it up: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9148549/Conservative-MP-calls-nationwide-rollout-vitamin-D-tablets.html Mick
  3. Roger, did you spot your MP in the chamber? Mine was missing, along with 99% of MPs. Disgraceful. Mick
  4. Just watched the parliamentary debate. The response from the government was completely predictable, heads well and truly buried in the sand. Mick
  5. I bought my current house about 3 years ago, the core is 17th century with 1950s and 1970's extensions. Virtually no insulation and drafts everywhere. It had a GSHP using 4x30m deep bore holes and a 2kW per phase, 3 phase compressor. Apparently it performed poorly and failed to heat the house, surprised? It also had a oil fired boiler as back-up. The GSHP was installed by the previous owner as he would not have gas in the house, following a gas explosion in his factory. After the man died, his widow had a gas boiler fitted and all was well with the world: a warm house. I spent half a day
  6. Some good friends from the Leicestershire TR group together in 4 TRs in Volterra, Tuscany in September 2013. A good time was had with the local auto-club despite our pathetic language skills. Mick
  7. Don't hold your breath, probably more thinking from the 1920's and the role of VitD in curing rickets. I hope David Davis is leading this and Hancock is listening for a change. Mick
  8. I agree with you Mick, common sense will prevail, once the politics are out the way. Mick
  9. I can see all new housing and commercial premises having to have GSHP or ASHP, solar PV and battery storage from 2025 by law. The key is correctly designed and built buildings: Scandinavian or Canadian levels of insulation and air-tightness. From recent experiences of builders, no matter how good the design, the real test comes from the implementation. Mick
  10. We are equally disappointed but had no choice, other than cancel the visit or the event. Either would cost the club a lot of money in cancellation fees. We didn't want COVID-19 either but 2020 and 2021 are what they are, so we have to make the best of it. Interesting that in all your images of the Triathlon in the grand courtyard, there are very few spectators. Great, we will get a good view of the changeover. Yes, we will miss the photos of having 170 TRs in the grand courtyard but we will have the Palace mostly to ourselves and some of the best parts of the grounds without any crowds. Think
  11. Hi Leonardo, The Triathlon has been delayed due to COVID-19 and is now scheduled to be on the same weekend as our visit. We have held long discussions with Blenheim Palace and visited there again just before the recent lockdown. They have proposed a good solution to avoid conflict between the Triathlon and our event. They frequently hold multiple events on the same weekend, it is a very big place. Sadly, we have lost the ability to park in the grand courtyard, it was always a possibility which we accepted from day 1 when we booked it. However, they are providing us with a dedicated approa
  12. I had the same lift installed in my previous garage and had the same issue as yours. Haha. So when building this one, fortunately, I had the space to add a bit extra on garage length. Sadly, I could not increase the width due to a very large Seven Trent owned storm drain that runs down the edge of the property. I had to negotiate the build-over permit down from the standard 3m clearance to 1.2m just to build the garage at all. Plus take videos of the drain before and after the build - anybody want to see some dirty videos? Dave, the inside width is 4m, 8m length and 4m high at t
  13. Paul, I have occasionally forgotten to lift them off and they just go up with the ramps, not clever really. Hinging would be much better like the much more expensive lifts. Mick
  14. One business recently stated "leaving the customs union has produced the biggest increase in red tape and bureaucracy in a generation". I gather, from various press reports, that this has been made even worse by the adoption by HMRC of the process of VAT collection at source rather than at destination. For example; Bastuck now needs to decide if it wants to sell to the UK, if so, then it needs to register with HMRC, understand and comply with the import VAT regulations, in English. Alternatively, it can set up a distribution business in the UK. I suppose that a final alternative is give
  15. Stephen's email address is: scotlanddirector@tr-register.co.uk Mick
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