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  1. Hi Opie, Welcome to the forum, thank you for your kind words. Please also explore our website for more information: http://www.tr-register.co.uk/. Even more information plus searchable access to past issues of our magazine and technical seminars are available to club members. We have over 450 members from outside the UK, you would be very welcome to join us if you wish. https://www.tr-registershop.co.uk/membership-11-c.asp Mick
  2. I saw a clip where the media were pushing a shoving each other with DC asking them to step back and stay 2m apart. Clearly social distancing rules don't apply to the media. The other hypocritical issue I have with the media is when Laura Kuenessberg and friends are standing outside No.10 or the Palace of Westminster talking to the camera, not interviewing anybody. Not only a pointless journey but I bet they also have a cameraman, soundman, director and possibly a make-up/hair person. I bet they travel together. Whilst standing there in close proximity they are criticising others for breaking lockdown rules. They are not key workers and the piece to camera can be done from home using a static camera. My lovely wife tells me off for shouting at the tv news, mainly aimed at the behaviour of the media and their puerile, negative questions, I must learn to chill. Mick
  3. Having spent some time travelling throughout the Middle East in some hotels without British tv or papers I grew to like and respect Al Jazeera press and tv. A lot more balanced with a wider perspective than the US equivalents which were available. It does you good to read about your own country from a different perspective. Guess what, the DC story does not make it onto their home page today as there are more important issues out there. https://www.aljazeera.com/ Mick
  4. My cynical take on the media attention given to DC is that they are bored with reporting that hundreds of people die every day, bored with giving facts and advise on how to avoid getting coronavirus and bored with a government trying its best to manage a situation nobody has ever been in before. Therefore they were delighted with a distraction away from the reality of fighting COVID-19 and jumped on something to create controversy and conflict. I was so bored with the media, we chose not to watch the news last night. Did they report the fact that we have had the lowest deaths from COVID-19 since lockdown started? Mick
  5. Went for a lovely 35 mile drive, stopped for an ice cream in the deserted market town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, then and filled-up with Momentum 99 at Tesco. Saw a number of classic cars and bikes, including a TR6, all enjoying the weather and the chance to get out. Mick
  6. Yes the choke cable needs to move the enrichment lever on the metering unit as far as it will go. Pull the choke fully out, then push the lever to see if there is any more movement available. It is equally important that the lever returns to the stop with a small amount of play in the cable so that enrichment does no occur once the choke is pushed in. I would find that hard to believe, it means all six injector poppet valves are sealed perfectly. This does not happen normally. Over weeks and months fuel evaporates and sneaks past the valves. Personally I don't touch the throttle on start-up, the choke cable sets a high idle which is enough to keep the engine at about 1500 rpm once it has coughed a spluttered a few times as the fuel lines fill up. After a long lay-up the battery needs to be in top condition to turn a cold engine over fast with thick oil. Use a maintenance or smart charger over winter and it will help enormously. Next time you have layed it up for a few months, please time how long it takes to first fire. Data, data, data. Mick
  7. Hi Richard, Assuming it is a PI car then it is common for the injector lines to empty over time. Make sure your fuel enrichment lever operates fully as this needs to be fully open to fill the injector lines again and build up enough pressure to open the injectors. The technique for starting after a prolonged period is full choke and crank away. This usually means that at least you get oil pressure before it fires. Mine then starts on 2-3 cylinders with the rest joining in when they feel like it. Mick
  8. Its a Head Up Display, clearly Triumph at the forefront again. Mick
  9. I drove the TR6 to Halfords and bought the highest capacity battery that fitted nicely and had the terminals in the right place. Job done, has worked well for years but I do use a smart charger for extended layups, also Halfords for £14 but sadly no longer available. Mick
  10. Please keep posting, I have learned so much from all of you. I really want to see some results of well constructed clinical trials. In the meantime, Linda and I take 4,000 IU per day. No downside and lots of potential upside. Mick
  11. Haha Tim. It is all a matter of scale. Perhaps your parks are a bit bigger than ours. According to Google, Canada's biggest National Park is Wood Buffalo, I've never heard of it, but it is over twice the size of Wales. Most UK parks have limited car parking so people are forced into tight spaces with most of the park left empty unless you walk a long way. However, I agree with you, there is plenty of space but sadly many people just go to the well known areas and car parks, then stick together. Mick
  12. We went for country drive in the TR6 to Swithland Wood, part of the National Forest, for a picnic and lovely walk with bluebells, bird song and dappled sunshine. The car park was about half full with no issue with social distancing as there are plenty of footpaths and bridleways to choose from and not too many people. Really good to get out together and do something normal. Mick
  13. Those chairs look a bit close together.......only joking. Looks wonderful. Mick
  14. Welcome to the forum and the club if you have joined. If not, then the club can enhance your ownership experience as we normally have loads of social, competitive and fun things going on. We have 53 local groups around the country and associated clubs in most countries around the TR world. Have a good look around the website and see where the nearest group is to you. http://www.tr-register.co.uk/groups. The only additive I do use is an ethanol stabiliser and then only for the winter hibernation. It stops the gum deposit in the tank, fuel lines, pump and carbs from the ethanol absorbing water. I have used this one: https://www.frost.co.uk/ethomix-corrosion-inhibitor-additive-ethanol-protection/. If you are using the car regularly then no additive is needed. Why not introduce yourself and tells us a little bit about the car and yourself. Mick
  15. Having used my TR6 a few times for shopping trips I had thought about what I would say if questioned on the choice of car. My logic is, as stated earlier, the TR is as reliable as a modern car and as I have rebuild everything on the car at least once, often twice, over the last 39 years I know it very well, have a boot full of spares and tools. If my Skoda has a hiccup, I can only call my breakdown insurance. Having said that, I still felt guilty about doing it. It is a difficult choice and all about minimising risk whilst living your life in uncertain times. Mick
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