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  1. When I did this operation a few years back I moved the rack, not hard, and removed the cross member so I could get good access. I used a three leg puller with the centre against the previously loosened crank bolt. Tightened up the puller bolt as much as I dared, then hit the end of the puller bolt with a lump hammer, pop, the pulley came off. Hope you get it off one way or another. Mick
  2. Harry, I can confirm that the team is working very hard on a number of prospective venues. Some venues are responding to our stated needs whilst others are not. It is not easy trying to find venue that meets everybody's needs. Life is always a compromise and the team is trying to get the best balance. Please bear with us a little longer. Mick
  3. I agree Ian. As a professional engineer, it annoyed me that people think that I can fix their washing machine. My usual response was no but I can design a better one or a factory to make them. Also end of rant. Mick
  4. John, all the issues you mention are very easy to fix as they are under our own control. There were huge, un-used areas for camping that people were directed towards but chose not to use, so much better signage is needed. Agreed that the trade stands and the arena need to be re-positioned. Now that we have used the site, it is obvious where we can make significant changes. For me there were many advantages to the location close to a very nice town, as pointed out earlier and it is much closer to the centre of mass of our membership than many other sites further north or west. This may have been a factor in the increase in attendance. If we were to go back there again, then the racecourse needs to agree to some changes as well to make the site work for us, namely the better access across the racecourse itself and onto the site, it just did not work. This maybe the hardest to fix. Mick
  5. Driving down and up Glencoe was stunning as was the drive up the Rest and be Thankful and on to Inveraray Castle for a tour and lunch.
  6. 12 cars have joined the tour based in Aberfoyle on the side of Loch Ard. A nice run out today over the Dukes Pass and on to Aberfeldy, returning via the Glenturret distillery for a tour and taste. Glencoe is planned for tomorrow, be even nicer if it stopped raining. Mick
  7. Bo'ness Revival and TR Register Scottish weekend was brilliant, well done Cliff McKinnon and team, lots of hard work from a great team, thank you. The hill climb event was also fun to watch as well, some really special cars. Mick
  8. I fitted a water expansion bottle from a TR6 to my TR3. Works a treat. The bottle is hidden. I topped the water up to the filler cap and half way up the bottle. I have not added any all summer, still nearly half way up the bottle. Mick
  9. TRR breakdown insurance is delivered by the AA. Just remember to quote the overall TRR policy number as given in TR Action: TSO/6900196 and your vehicle registration. Mick
  10. There has been plenty of advise on this forum. I have recently driven through Rotterdam and Northern Germany with no issues. However, the general principle is that across the EU, all historic vehicles from all EU states are exempt from low emission zones throughout the EU. When it gets into the details it can get harder but the overall advise is that any car over 30 years old is exempt so do not try to buy a sticker or permit etc. Take some evidence that your car is more than 30 years old and bluff your way through if in the very unlikely event you get challenged. The police in the UK do not understand such exemptions so I doubt any policeman in the rest of Europe does either. If you are in Germany just keep saying the phrase "Oldtimer" which is the phrase for a historic vehicle. You still have to pay any congestion or road/bridge tolls. Mick
  11. When the main leaf of my rear spring broke, nothing untoward happened, the only clue was an occasional load crack going over a speed bump which lead me to take the wheel off and have a look, glad I did. Not sure how long it was like that but would not fancy going too fast or too far like that. The leaf broke close to the centre so the clips held the spring block together. I had a local spring company make a pair of new main leaves and set the springs up to be the same. Mick
  12. I would swap out the whole distributor for a known good one, preferably standard, from somebody else's working car and give the car a thorough testing. This will eliminate a number of possibilities in one go. Do the same thing with the coil. Good luck, Mick
  13. For a number of years I have tried to use Tesco's Momentum 99 RON fuel whenever I can, my TR6 likes it and I like the price and the points. I would be even happier if it does not contain ethanol. Ethanol is the biggest greenwash ever. How much farmland and precious water worldwide is diverted away from feeding people to produce a rubbish fuel that carries oxygen around and absorbs water? How much primary and secondary rain forest has been burnt down to plant crops for Ethanol or bio-diesel? The primary exponents are the USA and Brazil, the first driven by security of supply for the military and the second by self-sufficiency driven by economics. Need to calm down now....... Can you publish the list from Esso? Mick
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