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  1. There are 130 TR6s plus 50 other TRs and a few others. Cars from most European countries from Spain to Norway. A good UK contingent of 48 cars. A great turnout and the sun is almost shining.
  2. Just arrived in Osnabruck to a very warm welcome from the organising team and loads of TR6s.
  3. I have a standard TR3 and TR6, both with original seats. To be comfortable I have to have the TR6 seat all the way back until it hits the rear wheel arch which is the last notch in the seat runner, clutch pedal goes to the floor easily. If I do this with the TR3 I can't get the clutch pedal down far enough. I think therefore there is more room in the 3 than the 6, apart from the big steering wheel. Mick
  4. There are about 40 cars going from the UK. We leave tomorrow on the Hull to Rotterdam ferry. I know of 1 other TR on the same ferry, are there any more? Should be a great weekend with our TR friends from all over Europe. Wear your TR6@50 plaque and t-shirt with pride. Mick
  5. I chose the far left of the front grill, looks good and no apparent impact on cooling so far in the 350 miles since it has been on. These are selling well, Jo has just re-ordered for the second time. Mick
  6. The pre-1940 club were very pleased with the turnout and are happy to organise another picnic at a similar date next year for all clubs within the Standard Triumph forum. So if you could not make it this year then reserve some space in your calendar for next year. There were Triumphs from all over the country and I even met a member who came over from Holland in his TR6. Nowhere is far in a TR. We sold lots of rally plaques and t-shirts at the TR Register gazebo and gained a few new members. Plaques and t-shirts are available on the TR Register shop: https://www.tr-registershop.co.uk/tr650-t-shirt-10358-p.asp. Thanks go to Wayne who picked up the gazebo and the regalia from Didcot plus all those who helped man the stall during the day. Mick
  7. The event is a great success with nearly 300 Triumphs of all models from the pre-1940s to an Acclaim. There are well over 100 TR6s. After a sunny morning the dark clouds arrived followed by the rain. A grand day out and about. Mick
  8. 12 TRs gathered at Donington Services for the drive down to Wroxall. How many TR6s will be there? Mick
  9. Just ordered mine, really nice. Mick
  10. Another good turn out today 14 TRs and a Stag.
  11. I tried and failed to remove the propshaft from underneath. I got all the nuts loose and the bolts out, having removed the twin exhaust but I jiggled and jiggled but to no avail. I loosened the gearbox mounts and jiggled some more. I then removed the tunnel and got the gearbox mounts fully undone, jacked up the gearbox and it fell out, onto my glasses. A large gouge in £400 glasses later. An expensive mistake. I sent mine to Proptech in Kidderminster for a full overhaul and balance, great service at a good price. Mick
  12. I have been given two tickets and car passes for today and tomorrow. If you want to join us for FREE then send me a pm. I live locally so you can pick them up on the way here. Mick
  13. 18 cars have already arrived by 10.00 on Saturday morning. The sun is out and the racing has started. Hopefully the rain will stay away. A grand day out. Mick
  14. Jack, the club has a team of three volunteers that know lots about the TR7, its history, foibles, myths and most importantly just how great the car was and still is in all its guises. Contact Jim Pickard on wedgeregistrar@tr-register.co.uk. Sounds like a great project, have you driven one or sat in one when its being driven properly? I am sure somebody can give you a ride to get a feel for the car. Good luck, Mick
  15. Yes, it takes a lot of cranking so stick with it. It will get there. Mick
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