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Hi All


Looking to the near future I will have a FHC shell ACG36660 with sunroof aperture available free to a good home.

I have owned this car since 1989 and for the latter part has been converted and used as a V8.

Originally java green, now matt black.

It still has it's original sills etc, although they had small local repairs, let in properly, a long while back which have stood the test of time well.

I think the well used expression is solid! I feel it is too good to scrap and worth saving.

The reason I am looking to move the shell on is that I never liked the sunroof and have now managed to build up second FHC with a solid roof.

Also my wife would be delighted if I reduced my vehicle numbers.

If interested send me a PM.

Regards David

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David, you are more clever/reasonnable than me : I've also a spare (LHD) ex java green now mat black TR7 rolling shell (with sun roof) in my barns, but can't decide to part with :rolleyes:

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Well, if we are talking about TR7, you know that I already have more than I should.


If we are talking about something else who, usually, work by pair, please allow me to decline your kind offer, one pair is enough :lol::P

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Hi David


I read your post with interest. Having just finished our TR7 convertible restoration I have been looking for something to do and my postman told me of a 76 car for sale just up the road.


I saw it today but I think the shell is too far gone but it seems a shame to see it scraped so I wondered.....


How complete is your shell? Does it have doors, bonnet and boot?


Perhaps we could PM some pics ?


Thanks in advance. Laurence.

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