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  1. Chris59


    David, if it is the one who can be seen on Facebook since a few days, you already know the reply : this conversion was made by Steve from S&S, on a standard TR7 2L basis, as indicate by your serial number.
  2. This happen rather often on 5 speed TR7/8. With good quality polyurethane bushes, no more problems. BTW, everything can be done from underneath, it's not even necessary to move the exhaust.
  3. Kev is right. Bolted to the right (seen from cockpit) of a Mini engine.
  4. It's the first time I see for sale a lot more or less equivalent to mine .
  5. Thanks Stuart. Is it a sort of "dump" valve on this picture ?
  6. Let's start some reading.... https://www.tec-science.com/mechanical-power-transmission/cycloidal-gear/roots-type-blower-supercharger/
  7. Hello Ian, many thanks for your reply, yes, the adress still the same Ha, yes, Pr Peter Cobbold, hope he is well too ! Hello Tim, thanks for the kind offer : I don't think I'll use a Mercedes Kompressor, as the one you have on your TR6, but I'll contact you if needed. Cheers !
  8. Hello guys, I hope you are well ! I've got a project in my barns : it's built on a 1953 Riley chassis, and will move, not only under Kiwifrog (aka Alan Wynn, seen here pushing, left hand on wheel) strong power, but with the help of a TR6 supercharged engine. I don't want to use a "ready to fit" kit as sold by Moss, but create my own period looking compressor/inlet manifold with an old, big SU. Who can share his knowledge on this subject ?
  9. Yes, motorbike carbs, so no longer a PI.
  10. Some good ideas in previous replies. Some more : 1) Is the flexible new ? If it's an old flexible, it can play as a partial or total anti-return valve. 2) Do you use Silicone fluid in your system ? It can cause a serious seal expansion by chemical reaction with the rubber, then won't allow the slave piston to come back as it should. The list goes on....
  11. @ Eli, you told me that I don't come anymore on this forum : you are right mate, and this is for good reasons. I'm no longer a TRR member, so can't even get access to "Alec's Inn", equivalent to the defunct ATB. I can't even get access to the old posts where I was chatting with Badfrog, my soul mate, Alec, and SO MANY others nice chaps..... Why would I spent time on a forum when my only contributions can be technical ?
  12. Well, I should have mentioned the ghost driver was called "RĂ©gis"
  13. A few years ago, I bought a 57' TR3 and a TR8, in the Manchester area, on the same day. The 8 went back to France on a trailer, towed by my 4x4, both followed by me, driving the 3 with top down, back to France. A storm, a dead dynamo and a night later, I was back home : it was rather funny to follow my trailer by night on the motorway, without lights at all, and just enough power in the battery for ignition...
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