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  1. Yes, red Dextron or you will kill the g'box.
  2. So, if I'm not wrong, and my understanding is correct, Christian learned that his car was (wrongly) listed as a write off BECAUSE Mark made some research for a potential customer. There is a Lesson to learn : if your classic car was damaged in an accident in the past, you'd better check if it has been (wrongly, again !) writen off by the authorities.
  3. You'd better check if the breather is not obstructed….
  4. You don't need a pallet, only remove the TR4 Passenger seat and, hey presto, you've got plenty of room for this spare engine.
  5. You are absolutly right Bill, but the better is the quality of the ring gear, the longer it will last. Yes Kevin, it should be, but it isn't : ALL my "sixes" with pre-engaged starter motor have their ring gear chanfreined on the wrong side. I don't share your opinion about the ring gears who can be bought from the usual suppliers : it don't equal the quality of the original ones, far from this !
  6. Hello guys, Could you please share your experience ? I need a Stag timing chain kit, who, except a 2 link shorter chain for the right hand bank, use exactly the same parts as a TR7 timing chain kit. But, as usually, I don't want to buy sub-quality parts : do you know who could be recommended as a supplier for this ?
  7. Well, what about using steel tubes instead More seriously, a friend of mine would like to buy a pair of new, factory, standard front TR7 springs, they don't seems that easy to find.
  8. Hello guys, I've found something rather funny about "6 pots" ring gears : could someone please explain why the teeths are chanfreined on the opposite side to the starter pinion ? My clue would be that it's an old stock who has been used : on TR250s, there is an inertia starter motor, it work the other way, so the ring gear need to be chamfreined But, as most (all ?) of my 6 pots engines (and I have some of these….) have their ring gear fitted/chanfreined to the opposite side of the stater motor pignon entry, and they ALL have pre engaged starter motor (ie as on a TR6) what's wrong in there ? Another point : who could supply good quality ring gears ? Again, I prefer to not waste time and money on poor quality parts. Thanks for your help,
  9. Nothing wrong with an original dynamo, they are very easy to rebuilt and incredibly reliable, due to their simplicity.
  10. Solved an intermittent fault on one of my TVRs, a V8 with fuel injection. Took me centuries to find that a new temperature sensor was the culprit…...
  11. Hello guys, about ring gear, could someone please explain why the teeths are chamfreined on the opposite side of the starter pinion ? My clue would be that it's a old stock who has been used (from a car with an inertia starter motor ?), but as most (all ?) of my 6 pots have their ring gear fitted this way….. Another point : who could supply good quality ring gears ? Again, I don't want to waste time and money on poor quality parts….
  12. I've seen several fluid reservoir leaking at their junction with the master cylinder, that's easy to confuse with a leaking "piston" seal, as the fluid follow the same route.
  13. Thanks for sharing your experience Peter, everything is perfectly clear now !
  14. Roger, Roger ! Hello Graeme, many thanks for the pictures, who show that both flanges seems to have the same chamfer, in and out. According to Berry and Stan measurements, the lenght is the same, at .910" vs .911", so no sensible difference ? I'll go back to this workshop tomorrow, and will use a "shimmed" flange on a collapsible spacer diff to see the result. Cheers !
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