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  1. Chris59

    TR2 PYW2

    Hi Derek, I'm a bugger : apparently, I forgot to press the "send" button several months ago, so Donald didn't get the email I "almost" sent, once back from holidays in January. The one sent today should be delivered now, fortunately Thanks again for your help !
  2. Thanks to Stuart, this washer is now in a smooth running TR4 A IRS engine I tested it with a smooth file : it's less hard than I was thinking, as the file was able to leave a light mark, but it seems to be harder than an average quality washer. To be fair, I'm not a metallurgist
  3. Shame, I know of a genuine TR8 convertible who might be for sale, but LHD.
  4. Great Stuart, now I'll have a model, and should be able to find someone to test if it's hardened, or not.
  5. Yes please, thanks for the kind offer, Stuart. Thanks Peter for the usefull page, I just realised that "W" was for "washer"
  6. Hi Roger and Stuart, Yes, it seems to be a rather hard metal, certainly to resist to the tensionner friction. I need only one at the moment, but it don't seems that easy to find.
  7. Well spotted Stuart ! I used RB website for my search, where it's item 77, but it's item 15 on Moss website
  8. Hello guys, I hope you can help : where can I find a chain tensionner washer (item 77 on the drawing, sorry for the poor quality) for a TR4 engine ? It seems to be a very hard steel.
  9. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais j'ai envie de rire
  10. It was the 7th of June 2007, I only hope it won't happen again. Never. Loosing 43 cars and bikes in one shot is already awfull, but it's nothing compare to the fact that 2 of my daughters nearly lost life in the flood. As me, but it's less important.
  11. Even more than you think, John : my house is above the road level, and at the lowest point, as in my barns, we had up to 2.40m of water and mud. They can't be seen, but at that moment, a Mini, a Spitfire Mk3, a 2000 Mk2, a MGBGT, a Volvo 480 and a 740 Estate were parked on my drive, while about 40 others classic cars and bikes were also totalled in my barns behind my house.
  12. M2P : several years ago, I was playing with a permanently overheating TR4 engine. The draining hole was completely blocked. After many hours spent at playing with acid, I finally removed the head and liners : it was as hard as a stone in there. I finally used a cold chisel and hammer, with a good result, as the gain was -about- 1L in coolant capacity.
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