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  1. It wasn't with my VWW (VolksWagen Whirlpool), but with a Renault 5, in 1989 : the release bearing was in bits, impossible to de-clutch at all
  2. Made it too, mainly by night (less traffic) from North of France to South-West : about 600 Miles on "Nationales" without de-clutching at all. More easy than it seems.
  3. Strange, as I bought some from him recently.. Check this reference on SF website : SF377-0288ALK.
  4. Chris Witor sell these bushes : SuperFlex advanced polyurethane suspension bushes
  5. Made a day trip (420 KM) with one off my TR6 to the "Côte d'Opale", ie on the other side of the channel (Cap Gris Nez) with my local club, ie Nord Triumph Club. Eli (Eli TR6 here) should have some pictures to post too.
  6. Chris59


    Now I know why I'm back on this forum, Roger
  7. Yes, especially if you want to add my 2500 PI Mk2 to your small fleet, mate
  8. Fwiw, instead of the "plastic" inner bushes, I'd rather use Superflex bushes : they will last longer than us, you won't loose anything in steering sharpness, and they will remove some vibrations.
  9. Now THAT'S a worn follower noise.... But I wouldn't bother, and certainly not remove the head for this, mate.
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