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14CUX installation

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I finally have my dream engine in the TR7 (RRover 4.6L with fast street cam and high comp pistons, totally re-built). Hoping to fire it up for the first time this week, using my reliable old carb.

However, the carb is being replaced with Lucas Hotwire (14CUX) EFI. Its all cleaned up and I have the vacuum and coolant plumbing sorted (I think), but wiring diagrams are protected like national security depends on it.

Does anyone have access to a clear diagram for the 14CUX or, better still, instructions on how to integrate the whole EFI/ECU into a TR7/TR8? There must be lots of guys who have done this successfully.



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If the engine has been modified the stock ECU will not fit

as the stock Lucas is also said to be not perfect.


I would recommend to use a ECU will full access to setup like

MegaSquirt and fit a wideband oxygen sensor to see whats going on

before spoiling the new engine. If you still want to proceed with that setup

ask RPI Chris Crane for a modified chip. I think he can also provide

you with a proper wiring diagram.


Anyway I have the modified Rover injection with MegaSquirt in use

and I am happy with it. Sensors of the engine can be used or easily

changed and engine performes well.



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I'm pretty sure the 14CUX system is a 'batch firing' system (well it is on the SAAB 900 anyway) and as such, very much on the bottom rung of the efi ladder these days. I'd echo Andreas in saying that Megasquirt is the way to go.


Fortunately in the UK there is a guy that has made it his mission in life to promote Megasquirt V8 and now produces kits with all the parts you would need from one source.




He is mostly known in Land Rover circles but a V8 is a V8


I have no connection but I am aware of a number of very satisfied customers

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My race TR7 V8 3.9 was running a "Hotwire" Eagle 14CU system, send me a PM with your e mail address and I'll scan my race build book which includes wiring diagrams and 3 or 4 pages of parts from alternative vehicles for all the items you'll be requiring if you haven't got them.


Mick Richards

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