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  1. Hi Peter, thank you for taking the time to offer advice, it's very helpful. I don't think it is molten aluminium but chips in the carbon (the plugs are new and shiny under the carbon) - but I will be sure to carefully check tomorrow!
  2. Hi, yes they appear okay to me too? It's a 1962 AML Rapide 4.0 with 2x Solex PHH44's. If the pump was not keeping up with demand when under load would this show in the plugs - would they look lean?
  3. Hi, I haven't had my TR for a while as I've been working on another car. One thing I've really missed is the helpful and informed advice I got on this forum when I had my TR. It's a bit cheeky but I would love some views on the condition of my plugs after a 10 mile journey... I think something isn't quite right on my car as when I go above 30 mph and it sounds like it's mis-firing. It's definitely not the electrics, I have eliminated that side of things. It could be fuel or air supply, the two carbs are in great condition but maybe the electric SU double pump is not keeping up (if that's possible). Below is a photo of my plugs, they are in order with number 6 being by the windscreen (cylinder 6). I would be interested in your thoughts, in particular on 2 and 5; 5 appears wet around the thread and 2 appears blacker than the others. Apart from that what does the colour tell you, as according to quite a few diagrams on the net these appear to be good??? Also, compression test shows fairly uniform compression but I'm not ruling that possibility out as a small amount of coolant has come out of the header a few times but no overheating. Many thanks!
  4. Haven't seen many of these come up for sale...beautiful car! http://www.kccautomo...&srt=added DESC
  5. Very interesting and good illustration! Having rebuilt a couple of TR4 seats I really appreciate how well made they were originally...not so well after I had finished with them!
  6. I've been in your position (literally) several times. Once it went in in 30 seconds but normally it took an hour of VERY frustrating manovring. I jacked the engine up slightly which helped and just rotated the output while rotating the gearbox in at the same time (and pushing the box towards the engine). First of all the geabox shaft should rest into the inner hole which should leave the box around 1" from the block, then it's a case of getting the flange to line up...which can take ages, however when it does it's a wonderful feeling!
  7. Did you know that the song 'I'm in love with my car' from the Queen album 'A Night at the Opera' is about a TR4? The lyrics were inspired by one of the band's roadies, Johnathan Harris, whose Triumph TR4 was evidently the "love of his life". The song is dedicated to him, the album says: "Dedicated to Johnathan Harris, boy racer to the end". Words and music by Roger Taylor The machine of a dream Such a clean machine With the pistons a pumpin' And the hub caps all gleam When I'm holdin' your wheel All I hear is your gear When my hand's on your grease gun Oh it's like a disease son I'm in love with my car Gotta feel for my automobile Get a grip on my boy racer rollbar Such a thrill when your radials squeal Told my girl I'll have to forget her Rather buy me a new carburetor So she made tracks sayin' This is the end now Cars don't talk back They're just four wheeled friends now When I'm holdin your wheel All I hear is your gear When I'm cruisin' in overdrive Don't have to listen to no run of the mill talk jive I'm in love with my car Gotta feel for my automobile I'm in love with my car String back gloves in my automolove
  8. randall977

    Number Plates

    Yes, mine were from Jepsons - Pressed aluminum for less than £25 a pair via my local Motaquip...
  9. Well rocker shaft is VERY worn, new parts go on tomorrow - glad I stripped it down. Just have to remove extra springs as well...
  10. That would be fine if I knew who rebuilt the head...it was done by the previous owner... So what is the problem with three valves on the inlet?
  11. Thanks for the clarification. So should I remove the third spring on the inlet, why does it cause a problem? I do NOT want to remove the head, can I put lots of rope in the cylinder in order to remove the extra spring?
  12. I noticed someone else posted on here about 3 springs per valve so it's not just me. This is original, what's the problem with it - they have lasted 50 years without a problem... I never rev anywhere near 5000rpm...
  13. Head rebuilt 200 miles ago so I have to assume this is all okay - 3 springs per valve on all valves - is this normal (original head)?
  14. I guess I shouldn't have sold the spare set I had so quickly! New shaft it is then. I know from servicing this one that removing the pedestals is a horrible job - in fact I didn't do it because they were too well on.
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