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  1. These panels were mine for sale just clearing some space in the cave of plenty ready for the next project 😎
  2. Hi everyone have moved away a little from the scene I have a load of tr action mags from 1994 to 2011 if anyone want to make me an offer also Ive a few tr book that would be better in someone elses hands please mail me at gscoffham@yahoo.co.uk Gary
  3. Still got a couple of white Tr4 dashes complete ready for the right car when I find it 😎
  4. Nice just sold complete set up with domed gauges etc £1500
  5. I've bought a few from over the pond on eBay in the past few years ago I have a nice complete rh dash but wouldn't be cheap dash cubby lid hinges ally panel domed gauges
  6. I have a twm inlet for webers I bought and never used if any good to someone offers Gary
  7. White dash every time 😎
  8. gaz2trs

    metal dash

    I have rh metal dash in White cubby lid lock hinges ally centre section air vents crash pads full set of domed gauges rh accelerator pedal switch ally panel offers
  9. Keep watching eBay I bought a back lite last year for £50 and when I went to collect it in person the guy offered me a steel lid for £200 so I bought it had an original glass at home full set up cost me £300 as I paid £50 for the glass off a member on hear a while ago there are bargains to be had but I check eBay every day keep your eyes peeled and you will get one I hunted for three years to get my ARE silverstone wheels it's all about the chase 😎 And happy new year to you all Gary
  10. Sold mine at the wrong time o well **** happens 😂
  11. Very nice Pete come along way i had a punt on this when it was over the water Gary
  12. No problem as I said in my mail one of my favourite trs I've owned alway had a big smile on my face when driving it much more fun than my tr5 I had after it just trying to remember the guys name I sold it to Regards Gary
  13. Hi i owned this tr6 in early 2002 bought it from Birmingham for 5k off a lady had a new rear valance and repainted in sapphire blue think I had it for 3 years the storey I was told it had been over in Germany for a while then came back to the UK I sold it to a guy from Birmingham who was upgrading from a herald vitesse he came to view the car with his friend who I think owned Canley classics think they are triumph repairs and parts think I sold it for 7.5 k then I bought my tr5 which I've sold as well if you pm your email I have some picture of it regards Gary
  14. These look very nice 👍
  15. Have a set just hanging on the wall in the garage waiting to go on my car one day hopefully
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