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  1. Disregard that last post. Upon dis-assembly I see it's threaded not bushed.
  2. Has anyone ever had a go at re-bushing the bar and lever assembly on the rear brake compensator? This is the moving plate that takes your handbrake cables to the left and right sides of the axle. Mine still works but has a huge amount of slop in it and I was thinking it could be worth while to get a mate to turn me up a new bar and put a bush in the lever assembly. Mike
  3. We had 90% humidity here yesterday, and that's down in Victoria!! Anyway I don't believe any original period TR gauges were designed to be airtight. The worse fogging incident I ever encountered was leaving early one morning for a rally so the instrument panel the lights were on, the local conditions combined with heat from panel light globes got me to the point where all the small gauges were almost unreadable. Worse still though was my modern (2005) Moto Guzzi Motorbike. It's Veiglia gauges were rubbish and I had 3 tacho's replaced under warranty for fogging up. Great chassis,engin
  4. The 'why' I believe is due to the small amount of heat the gauge produces from electrical flow and the moisture in the air and the gauge itself. I don't think there is anything much you can do as the gauges themselves are not air tight . You could move to somewhere with low humidity but that seems a bit radical.
  5. I used a company here in Australia. Gave them 5 crappy old rims. They checked, blasted and re-painted and they have been fine. They even marked the one they suggested was best for a spare as it was not quite as good as the other 4. Not knowing how bad your rims are compared to mine all I can say is it can be done and I've had no issues with balance or failure in the 6 yrs since I had mine done.
  6. I was wondering that myself, likewise for the fuel line. Braided line must be as stong as it's used to take the pressure to the calipers.
  7. A little bit lateral thinking for scuttle shake but I made the chance discovery that if I had the smallest/lighest battery fitted as opposed to the largest/heaviest that scuttle shake (with no other modifications or alterations)was reduced. Not eliminated but certainly reduced. Mike
  8. Also if you have a 2nd person to help when straightening the frame is goes up easier as well when pulled evenly.
  9. A very small splitpin, at least there is on mine. Mike
  10. I'd be interested in seeing a costing when they can do one. I for one am happy to pay more (within reason) for quality. Mkie
  11. Goodonya Alan, Do you want to sound them out about the clutch houseing cover plate as well? Mike
  12. Going off topic a little but another thing which would be good to get made is the clutch houseing cover plate. The little tin thing at the bottom of the bell houseing.. Good original ones when you can find them fetch a premium price.
  13. When I re-surrect mine again I'm going to try that clear polyurethane adhesive sheet that motorcyclist sometimes put over their headlight lenses to prevent stones breaking them.
  14. I wonder if that crowd that were mentioned in another thread and who make the SS bumpers could possibly make SS stone guards if given a good pattern.
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