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  1. tim_trinda

    cleaning up the trailing arms

    I had mine powder coated ... that was 15+ years ago and still looking good! I'm pretty sure they were shot blasted before coating...no sign of rust but I can see how this could happen as Roger says. Tim
  2. tim_trinda

    Pressure Gauge for testing the pump & PRV

    Robin, I've had the Hydrotechnik on my car for about 8 years now, as you say works a treat ... pressure can be checked easily and quickly. It was connecting a pressure gauge at the injector I was questioning...not sure there would be much gain over the 'checking for a pulse' method. Cheers Tim
  3. tim_trinda

    Pressure Gauge for testing the pump & PRV

    Not sure that would tell you much due the pressure pulses in the injector pipe...the gauge would probably go berserk when the engine is idling and give some average, rpm dependent, reading at higher revs.
  4. tim_trinda

    Way too fast idle

    Hi Mac Sounds like an air leak to me...it doesn't take much air to get the engine reving to 3000rpm. Did you clean the inside of throttle bodies? Doing so can prevent the butterflies sealing properly... been there .. done that!! Cheers Tim
  5. tim_trinda

    Road Fund Licence

    So if your car has not been taxed (free or not) since 31st jan 1998 then you don't need to declare SORN.
  6. tim_trinda

    Optimum operating temperature

    Hi Michael I put one on my TR7V8 last year and I have it set to 85degC same as Mick There are a few pics of my install here: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/tlweb/tr7/repmod/mod_ewp.html I also moved the alternator to make fitting the EWPeasier: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/tlweb/tr7/repmod/mod_elec_alternator.html I used the EWP controller to operate the fan after the dual speed Kenlowe Electronic controller started palying up and then failed! Overral it works pretty well although due to the number of hose joins, mods to make the heater work and blanked off water pump getting everything water-tight took some time. I particularly like the way it prevents heat soak by running the pump, and fan if the engine is hot. Claims that it releases 12bhp (or whatever they claim) by not driving the water pump from the engine is, in my experience, dubious. One thing I find a bit alarming when the engine is warming up is seeing the temp gauge oscillate between the 1/4 and 3/4 marks. This happens because the pump is turned off and on by the controller as the engine reaches the set temperature. The cooler the weather the worst it is, maybe its designed for the Oz climate! Cheers Tim
  7. tim_trinda

    TR7 headlight problems

    Some more info on headlight operation here... http://club.triumph.org.uk/cgi-bin/forum10/Blah.pl?m-1352379828/s-new/
  8. tim_trinda

    Poor man's PI Fuel pump check?

    [ Works for me ... however the Gunsons Carb Balancer - just doesn't!! Tim
  9. tim_trinda

    Electric fuel pump

    I've been looking at those myself and Andy has sent me some hi-rec pictures - they look very well made. Did you have any problems fitting it? Cheers Tim
  10. tim_trinda

    Electric fuel pump

    Hi Knortech Is this one of Mr Wiltshire's fuel tanks? Cheers Tim
  11. tim_trinda

    Wiring for Lucas 35DLM8 distributor

    If its the same as mine and the wires are red/black and white/black, then red/black goes to 12V and white/black goes to coil -ve. Cheers Tim
  12. tim_trinda

    Electric fuel pump

    I've just put a V8 (3.5 twin SUs) in my TR7 and I'm using one of these http://www.fastroadc...od&productId=29 its just about audible when the engines not running. Its rated at 120 litres/hour and is available in 2 types - a sucker for mounting near the carbs and a pusher which is mounted close to and below the level of the tank - not sure how it would cope with a turbo and the pressure is probably too low for the Weber(?). Future plans involve a Weber (600) and for that I have one of these http://www.holley.com/12-802-1.asp - 110 gallons/hour and comes with a regulator which can be set to keep your carb happy. Its a geared pump so no clicking/clunking - just the whirr of an electric motor. Cheers Tim

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