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  1. Thanks everyone for all this good sound advice. Hi Andy, yes TIG was on my mind and testing absolutely on my list. Will need to find a way to extricate the sheared bump stop studs, (All that’s left) Easiout or Drill & Tap but will probably combine with the welding exercise, if I can. Hi Dave McD, will try Bicester 1st but North Nottingham not a problem as often travelling up to Sheffield. If you don’t mind letting me have your contact that might be useful. (Previous good results not to be underestimated!) Hi Ian, yes Bicester just round the corner. 1st stop. Hi Stan, no
  2. As always great information and help, Thanks everyone. Spax conversion part of a kit supplied by Clive Manvers, 14 years and 50,000 miles ago ! BUT, bump stops missing and I suspect the main culprit from this problem now, thanks Chris. Waldi, agreed and I was slightly hoping someone has gone before me and could recommend someone! Marco - yes powder coated. Mark.
  3. Hi Roger, Thanks for the tip, beyond my means for welding and nervous to leave such a vital part to a local garage, but will approach some of the TR support trades. Marco, Thanks for the info. As far as I can see LHS ok, will check relevant lengths/position of components but I suspect, as seen in photo, a small casting defect (indent) near crack hasn’t help the situation. Mark.
  4. Hi All, After many years bumping along on dubious road surfaces, I now have the small issue of a cracked near side trailing arm. Hopefully repairable. Has anyone in the UK any experience of successfully welding these 40+ year old aluminium castings and if so who did the work? Any tips and recommendations gratefully received. Many Thanks. Mark.
  5. Hi Roger, Many thanks for the info, much appreciated. p.s. Clue was at the winter ball!, 1st name David, middle Mark. Mark.
  6. Thanks guys for all your inputs. Tried searching forum before posting but failed to find anything similar. 'Six rivet clutch plate' did just the job and the symptoms described pretty well match exactly. Stuart, many thanks for the suggestion and I'm sure your right. Peter, many thank you for the welcome and help. Stan, hadn't heard of shipwrights disease before, will get inoculated before starting! Simon, thanks for the buckeye tipoff, great reference site. Now off to the garage. Mark.
  7. Out in the 6 first time this year, all running fine until pulling away from junction. Nothing hectic just normal driving. Slight squeal and rumble on drive take up, possibly from release bearing ( not heard before), 100 yards on no drive to rear wheels. Coasted to a halt. Engine running fine, clutch still requires force to depress, gears can be selected with or without clutch depressed, but no drive available to fear wheels. Car can be pushed 'in gear', no engine break. I'm a little stumped as to what this can be. I suspect it's a gearbox out what ever, but any thoughts would be much appre
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